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BlazeCentral (I Aint Sellin Ma Soul 4 This Rapgame)

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Yow me Nuclear G setup thiz lyricz boom!

and if u wanna protest i dont give a D cauz i neva got ma own key. And if u a women dissing me when ma heath escapes ll be screamin from the bottom to the back, ullbe drunk from the neck to the next track...SO IF U THINK YOU GOT IT ALL SHOW ME AND YOU GET ENTERED FOR A REAL BATTLE with the Bham Outlawz in BlazeCentral (a website real time blaze)



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I can like totally battle


Boom shaka laka boom.

Break u like a bone

Sticking like a tree

Smoking like a trick


I know u gonna hate.

When u reply don't hate appreciate.

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To the last one who open his mouth while i was kickin full lane..............



yow i smoke bare jaad while im talkin to the phone and u be doing your homework boiiiii,


you mad ass nigga

cant catch cause ima bad ass nigga

and when i roll ma shit ull be like crack ass nigga

u pretentin like a prickass nigga

ull get tricked u fake ass nigga

and u aint even mixed u *****ass nigga

and ur dad is probably a bigass nigga


Never start the beat when you cant feel the heat/

never start sittin on your seat when im smelling raw meat/


All you ni99az bout to know that Mad Nigga is gettin jaad nigga..and to tha big huni, let her know im makin ma money,


Tha Basuka loaded ...WHOSE MA NXT VICTIM!!!!!


((((im courtless never jugded for what i do))))

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