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Puntland oo looga dhawaaqey Gole Garsoor oo cusub

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Cadde Muuse fulfilled one of his promises by appointing a new judiciary that is capable of delivering. They're all professionals and were appointed at their merit and not their clan. That's the way forward for us.


Inshallah I hope that when Cadde Muuse comes back from the UAE and Germany in a weeks time that he will also include highly capable people who are chosen because of their merit and not because of the clan they belong too. Anyway its a good start.


Golaha Garsoorka lagu magacaabey wareektadan ayaa waxa ay kala yihiin:


1.Dr. Axmed Siciid Cabdi Guddoomiyaha Maxkamadda Sare ee DGPL.


2.Dr.Sulaymaan Jaamac Ciise Guddomiye ku-xigeenka Maxkamadda Sare ee DGPL.


3.Sh.Cali Nuur Axmed aw Muuse (Xubin )


4. Dr.Burhaan Cabdi (Xubin)


5.Dr.Yuusuf Xaaji Warsame (Xubin)


Wareegtadan ayaa waxaa ku saxiixnaa Madaxweynaha DGPL Maxamud Muuse Xirsi.


Golahaan garsoor ayaa waxa la horkeeni doonaa Barlamanka Puntland si ay u siiyaan xasaanada.

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