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Understandability woos the nature of the human being according to some Psychologists. And what drives people is how they react and simply melt with other natures to continue existing. Dr Paul Haversome, former lecturer of Harvard University, believes that people always counteract with probably the late-being brain admires of humanity.


Straight to the point, I need to start with what we call today “ independenceâ€. All semi-autonomous regional self-admirers are getting late alarms of how they would take part in the reconstruction of Somalia in the next years of Ghed’s administration. As noted in the charter for Somalia, we are able to read our needs in every chapter and, in particular, that directs how semi-autonomous regions would be nationalized. Somaliland and Puntland, for example, would be the part of those regions concerned if not first.


Bearing the reconstruction in the mind, we need to emphasize the need for Central Federal Government. We, also, need to know how lawful this (provincial administration) would be if properly used. For starter, all regional self-governing bodies should be willing to work under the Federal Government which would, as constitution agrees, facilitate the day-to-day operation so as to get the enough value for its sub-regional self-governing parts. In other words, the national expenditure should be used and equally supplied to whole regions. If, for instance, a one low-income region is noticed, the financial plan to that state should be rationalized although it depends on the law pertinent to that region. Or otherwise the charter is the first aid to be applied.


There is one erroneously human misunderstanding in this alert that calls for an attention and should be avoided. In short, when nationalization is taking place, some real factors are to be remembered with care: there are those who enthusiastically react to political changes. This is human nature but we need to make sure that such a move would never happen, if misinterpretation were to be avoided, in the regions by any means. Furthermore, some self-opinionated political hungers will benefit from the whole project and use the youth to persuade their political agendas, which could bring another misleading signal. This is so because so-called “ proud†activists will be going to exist and emerge in the towns in order to misinform the people.


What is more, military infiltration should be ignored at all so as to show a sustainable development to the world. Since federalism is something knew to us, military unities would play a very important role in building a new informed straightforward society. It is high time to flash that this project would be danger enough. In other words, this kind of federalism is clan-oriented organisms that were fighting so long for “ zero†purposes. And owing to this, we might be in need for tactics and talented forces. This is so because taking some police officers, to restore order and law, from the southern part, for example, to the far northern division would be another hazards. Such officers would seem very possibly to narrow-minded elements to believe a wrong thing.


Similarly, government officials, whether district or provincial, should be restricted themselves under the law. If the government, say for example, has appointed a district officer who is believed to had hailed from a different region to run another one is what can fire some form of storm on the air. So, this decisive issue is worth remembering throughout: let each and every region appoint its representatives.

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