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history is owned by muslims and our heritage. if you go to pull a tooth the science is attributed to muslims. This age of enlightment for us happened under the khilafah system and only under such a system an muslims have dignity and honour. As lord curzon said in the house of commons, Turkey is no more because we have destroyed her strength, the khilafah, Islam is on a decline even though it may not be apparent. for example, we as muslims are completely void of our economic prinicples, for example everyday we get exposed to riba so much so that our islamic banks even deal with it, further more how much of us pay zakaah and how much of us knows how to calculate it? we are loosing our essence of islam and with the return of the khilaafah system islam can be restored. For that i see the Hobyo and southern Mudug presents that chance for islam to be restored. In the whole of somalia there are qualities about south Mudug that does not exist anywhere else and this has nothing to do with the tribe that lives in that area. in fact i cannot waste time talking to ignorant people who speaks to defend a particular tribe. so are u clear why i am obsessed about the area now?

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