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Are you educated??

Do you have ideas on how to re-build our country??

Are you between the ages of 18-30??

Do you want to go right where our elders have gone wrong???

Are you tired of tribalism and clan wars??

Do you have a vision for Somalia? So that the youth of our generation and their generation can live on the piece we never got to experience??

Have a place to call home???

Have a country to call your own??

Sick of being a refugee in need of a helping hand??


If so you can finally take a stand

Finally a chance to prove yourself not just talk but by action.


We are a group of Somali youth from across Europe that came up with an idea of finally taking a stand on the relations of our home country.

We were sick of being outsiders and finally wanted to do something about it; we want to put down our thirst and hunger and finally have a place to call home.

So we took a stand.

We started a union called SOMALI YOUTH UNION DEMOCRACY (SYUD).

First it was a get together group for fun but what we found out each time we got together was this mutual hunger and this desire to have a place to call home.

How we were all sick as many of us are of being a refugee.

When we gather our ideas we took them to sponsors and said we are need of a home not a roof over our head but a place to call or own,

we are somali youth from different countries different ideas different clans but with the same goal and so far we have an idea but want to develop it so it can grow to be more then an idea, they agreed on helping us financially so now we have a number of 70 members in our union across Europe and want to enlarger it even more.

Its time for our people to come together and we strongly believe that we can achieve that as long as we are a union, its time to stop hating on one another and come together for the sake of our generation their generation and the generation after that.

We are the ones that missed out on a great country half of us haven’t seen Somaliao r left there when we were young; we all feel the emptiness inside the lack of joy the memories we could have had.

Every site I visit I see poems dedicated to the destruction of Somalia a paradise truly lost people writing the visions they have and the need to help our brothers and sisters back home dying everyday out of hunger and killing one another out of greed, its time to stop the blood shed the hatred the anger.

No more clan wars tribalism we want to be a union once and for all

So we need you.

Not to help us financially but with your ideas your vision and your hunger.

If you share our vision help us to make it more then a vision.

We have a get together once in every month like a seminar we rent a hall welcome new members eat chit chat have fun and just brainstorm on how to lift this of the ground.

We sent letters to UN and different embassies and as soon as we have a large enough number they agreed on sending lecturers and sponsors to take part of our Union.


IT doesn’t matter where you live whether it’s Europe, USA, Africa or Asia the more the merrier.

So if you feel that this is something for you


E-mail us on and we will send you further information


We have a homepage coming on and meetings

So Fadlan ka soo qeyb gala Hal far fool ma dhaqdo.

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