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General Duke

TFG shutts down Horn Afrik. Shabbele, IQK

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Muqdisho: Dowladda amar ku bixisay in la xero idaacaddaha HornAfrik, Shabeelle, IQK iyo xafiiska Al-Jaziira ee Muqdisho

Isniin, January 15, 2007



Muqdisho(Allpuntland)- Dowladda Federaalka MKG ah ee Soomaaliya ayaa maanta amar ku bixisay in la xero xarumaha idaacaddaha HornAfrik, Shabeelle, Idaacadda Qur'aanka Kariimka iyo xafiiska Al-Jaziira ee Muqdisho kadib markii wareegto kasoo baxday xafiiska hey'adda nabad sugida lasoo gaarsiiyay xafiisyadaasi.


Wareegtadan oo kasoo baxday xafiiska nabad sugida ayaa waxaa ku saxiinaa Agaasimaha xaruntaasi G/sare Axmed Cali Xasan ayaa waxaa lagu amray xarumahaasi in marka ay soo gaarto qoraalkaas la xero sida ugu dhaqsiyaha badan iyadoo sidoo kale lagu amray agaasimayaasha xarumahaaasi in maalinta beri oo taariikhda ku beegan 16-ka Janaayo saacadda 10 subaxnimo ay ku tagaan xaruntii hore ee nabad sugida.


Idaacaddaha Shabeelle, HornAfrik iyo IQK ayaa markii ay soo gaartay qoraalka amarka lagu siinayey ay hawada isaga baxeen.


Lama garanaya tallaabada xigta ee dowladda ka qaadeyso mas'uuliyiinta xarumahaasi oo beri looga yeeray iney tagaan xafiiska nabad sugida ee Muqdisho.


Cali Sandheere

Allpuntland, Muqdisho

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Duke, duqa, how come AllPuntland wasn't shut down? What's the reasoning behind shutting down these particular out-lets. I know they're anti-government stations. But so what?

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WAR DEG DEG AH : Dowladda KMG Oo Albaabada Isugu Dhufatay Idaacadaha Shabelle, Hornafrik, Qur’aanka Kariimka & TV-ga Al-Jazeera Xafiiskiisa Muqdisho.

Posted to the Web Jan 15, 03:50



MOGADISHU - Wareegto kasoo baxday xafiiska waaxda nabad sugidda Qaranka ee Dowladda KMG , ayaa lagu amray in albaabada la isugu dhufto qaar ka mid ah idaacadaha ka howl gala Magaalada Muqdisho iyo TV- caan ah.



Wareegtada ayaa waxaa lagu xusay in idaacahada ay kamidka yihiin ,idaacada Shebeelle, Horn afrik ,idaacada Quraanka kariimka ,iyo weliba xafiiska Television-ka caalamiga ah ee al-Jazeera ee saldhigiisu yahay Wadanka Qatar, uu ku lahaa Caasimadda.



Wareegtadan, oo ay ku qeexan tahay in isla xilliga wareegtadu ay gaarto xarumaha ay ku socoto albaabada loo laabo, ayaa sidoo kale amraysa in dhamaan milkiilayaasha xarumahaasi warbaahineed ay tagaan maalinimada barita ah xarunta waaxda nabad sugidda ee gobolka Banaadir.



C/risaaq C/laahi Maxamed




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Somalia shuts down broadcasters


There are several different radio stations in Somalia

Somalia's main broadcasters have been ordered to close, shortly after the interim president set up a new team to end the "chaos" in the capital.

Three top Somali radio stations and al-Jazeera TV are affected. They have been ordered to appear before the national security agency.


A policeman was killed and a convoy of government and Ethiopian troops attacked in overnight violence.


The president returned to Mogadishu last week, after Islamists were routed.


"The city is in chaos. It's not safe," he said, as he appointed a mayor, Adde Gabow, and three other officials to run the city.


Now I worry about whether the government will take responsibility for our safety


Hassan Mohamoud

Disarmed Mogadishu resident

Somalia has not had an effective national government for 16 years.


President Abdullahi Yusuf was elected at peace talks two years ago but has been powerless until Ethiopian forces helped drive out Islamists.


Meanwhile, there are unconfirmed reports that senior Islamist leaders may have been arrested after crossing the border into Kenya.




Three local radio stations received a letter, signed by Mogadishu security chief Colonel Ahmed Hassan Ali, ordering them to close immediately:



Shabelle Radio

Radio HornAfrik

Voice of the Koran radio.

Correspondents say the radio stations have stopped broadcasting.


Shabelle Media deputy chairman Mohamed Amin told the AFP news agency he was "disappointed" by the measure.


Government spokesman Abduraman Dinari told another local radio station that those affected were "instigating violence", AFP reports.


"We are not undermining the freedom of expression, we are ensuring the security of the Somali people," he said.


The move comes days after the interim parliament - based in Baidoa - authorised the government to impose martial law in Mogadishu.


The policeman was killed when unknown gunmen opened fire on a police station in the north-eastern Hurwa district.


The convoy was heading to the police station when it was ambushed, sparking a 20-minute gunbattle, in which one vehicle was destroyed, witness say.



The government is trying to restore order in Mogadishu

"I have seen one Ethiopian military vehicle burning after it was hit by an RPG [rocket-propelled grenade]," said Shine Moalim Hussein.


The BBC's Mohammed Olad Hassan says that explosions could be heard in many areas of the city overnight.


It is not clear who is behind these and other attacks but the Islamists vowed to launch a guerrilla war, as they fled the Ethiopian advance. Many armed Islamists are thought to have remained in the capital in hiding.


The violence comes as an African Union delegation is in the city to discuss the deployment of peacekeepers.


Ethiopia says it wants its forces to pull out within weeks.


Over the weekend, the regional body, Igad, sent envoys to seven African countries, asking them to contribute to a proposed 8,000-strong peacekeeping force - Rwanda, Tanzania, Mozambique, Angola, Zambia, Tunisia and Algeria.


So far only Uganda has offered troops - 1,500 - although it needs parliamentary approval.


Security fears


BBC Africa analyst Martin Plaut says African leaders are concerned about becoming bogged down in a quagmire.


The latest attacks followed an operation by government and Ethiopian troops to disarm Mogadishu residents.


After years of conflict and lawlessness, many Somalia possess their own weapons.


Hassan Mohamoud said troops entered his house early on Sunday and seized his Kalashnikov gun.


"I bought the gun about 10 years ago in order to safeguard myself and my family," he said.


"But now I worry about whether the government will take responsibility for our safety."

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Its okey to close down shabbel and hornafrica but not radio banadir or Puntland radios which i found it odd ,


TFG should not isolate any clan , that wont help it in the long run . waa ceeb to put sanction on one clan for monopoly reasons .


We all can not be puppet of the TFG we realy need to hear coin and pros of TFG .


If abdulahi had chance he would have banned bbc but thats far from his control as bbc is British sponsored broadcast .


I hope TFG closed down these station for Censorship reasons.

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Bambo, there are many other radio outlets in Mogadishu including Radio Banadir why was it not shutt down?


Warbaahinta Muqdisho Oo loo Sheegey Iney Shati Ka Qaataan Wasaaradda Warfaafinta

Posted to the MOL January 15, 2007, 6:20 pm



Muqdisho:- Wareegto saaka kasoo baxdey Xafiiska Amarka Deg-deggaa ayaa lagu wargaliyo in lagu xiro Idaacadaha HornAfrik, Shebelle IQRA iyo Xafiikska Aljazeera ku leedahay Somaliya.


Wareegtada ayaa waxey ka dalbadatey maamulayaasha idaacadahaas iney barri tobanka subaxnimo yimaadaan Xafiiska Amarka Deg-degga si ay u helaan Shatiyo warbaahineed.


Nin u hadley Idaacadda HornAfrik ayaa sheegey iney fuliyeen amarka ku qoran wareegtada ayna tagayaan shirka barri loogu yeerey.


Baarlamaanka Soomaaliyeed ayaa horey u ansixeyey in waddanka lagu maamulo 90 xasho oo amar deg-Deg ah si loosoo celiyo xasiloonida iyo kala danbeynta.

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Clan this, Puntland that! people, Somalia is under martial law, it will not be business as usual. Radio Moryaans will be dealt with too. Dowladiid and terrorist, you will not be safe anywhere.

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^^^They always try to blame others when they know the track record of these garbage stations which ahve been trying to ceate havoc in order to save their backers skin.

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what can not stand is the hypocrazy of these people. How on earth they have managed to convenience themselfs that it was not ok to piont out that the courts were based a single sub-clan which rules them out in the attempt to return to statehood, yet know find ok to demand the TFG do eaxactly what it does in the capital in the same time and manner, is really beyond me. Whats up with the new found clan sensitivity? dear I say some of you are blatent hypocrats? lastly, The TFG is a Somali government. overwhelming amount of the members of government involved in the effort to pacify the capital are not puntlanders but members from the central regions and banadir region, so enough with this none sense about "well if they do this here, they have to do it in puntland".

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^^^The Ethiopian occupation card has run its course, now its Puntland out for revenge.


Muqdisho: Dawladda Federaalka oo sheegtay inay is beddel ka samaynayso warbaahinta dalka .

Talaado, January 16, 2007


Muqdisho(AllPuntland)- Afhayeenka dawladda Soomaaliya C/raxmaan Diinaari ayaa sheegay in dawladda federaalku ay doonayso inay bixiso Laysanno ama aqoonsiyo la siinayo saxaafadda, si looga hortago waxyaabaha keeni kara xasilooni darada .


" Hadda dawlad ayaa dhalatay , waxay warbaahintu u baahan tahay inay hesho aqoonsi , si looga hortago wararka aan sal iyo raadka lahayn ee keeni kara dhibaatada".


C/raxmaan Diinaari oo wax laga waydiiyay in xannibaadda idaacadahan loo gaystay inay daba socoto xaaladdii deg degga ahayd ee baarlamaanku dhawaan ansixiyay ayaa arintaasi gaashaanka ku dhuftay.


Idaacadaha Shabelle iyo Horn Afrik ayaa gabi ahaanba hawada ka baxay, hase ahaatee Tvga Aljazeera iyo Idaacadda Quraanka kariimka ee IQK ayaan wali la gaarsiin wareegtadii idaacadahaasi lagu joojinayay.


Maamulka Idaacadda Horn Afrik ayaa war shalay kasoo baxay ku sheegeen mid caddaalad daro ah in Idaacad muddo si xor ah u soo shaqaynaysay irdaha loo laabo markii dawlad la helay.


Idaacadaha iminka irdaha loo laabay ayaa dawladdu ku tuhunsan tahay inay buun buuniso waxyaabaha aysan dantu ugu jirin shacabka Soomaaliyeed.


CCC Farayaamo


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Originally posted by Naxar Nugaaleed:

Whats up with the new found clan sensitivity?

You must not know much about Somalis to ask that question. Clanism has always been sensitive issue in Somali politics. As the central social organising unit, it dominates the psyche and perception of Somalis. It's been like that since time immemorial and hasn't tampered a smidge since.


Back to the topic at hand, why were these media outlets closed down while others were left alone.

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Originally posted by General Duke:

^^^Because they were spewing vile shitt and that they were the tools of the clan courts.

So? What media outlet doesn't arguably spew vile shid and act as the tools of one party or another? Rather than have several competing outlets, thereby getting balanced dose of BS from diverse media, we now got a monoploy by certain faction. As Somali your clan's media is always right and everyone else wrong. This demands off-hand policy or equal treatment by any government that wants to rule Somalis. If you close down some clan media, you have to close down all. Else, you're asking for trouble.

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