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Israel Threatens To Attack Mecca, Madina And Qom,

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Al-Khalil, Dec 9, IRNA -- A high-ranking Israeli officer has

threatened to attack Islamic holy places in the Middle East with

nuclear bombs, an Israeli newspaper said Sunday.

The Ha'aretz Hebrew newspaper quoted an unidentified high-ranking

officer as saying that in case Israel was attacked by states or

terrorist groups, the Jewish state would respond by dropping nuclear

bombs on holy Islamic cities such Mecca, Medina in Saudi Arabia

and Qom in Iran.

The paper quoted the officer, who works as Guide in Israeli army

colleges, as saying that Israel possesses hundreds of nuclear weapons

along with their delivery systems, including long-range ballistic

missiles, long-range bombers and nuclear submarines.

Israel is the only entity in the Middle East to possess a huge

arsenal of weapons of mass destruction, including a sizable nuclear


However, the United States, Israel's guardian-ally, has always

avoided any serious discussion of Israel's weapons of mass




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