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11 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

very wise man

there should start peace talks asap, no more killings

It’s a simple choice actually that SL leaders have to make.

A) if the SL leaders really belief in a inclusive Somaliland with the SSC community being an integral part of Somaliland, they will choose peace talks and every road that can lead to them rapprochement , reconciliation and rectification (three Rs). And they will welcome and embrace SSCs political leadership and its traditional clan leadership, as a legitimate counterpart as they are united in their voice and political aspirations. And believing in a shared destiny between the people of Somaliland or  Northern regions, they belief that’s is only a matter of time to find common grounds for understanding through dialogue. Much of the criticism towards the SSC leaders over the past decades was that they were politically divided and did not have a unified political platform and leadership and fragmentation was preventing seriously engagement and addressing the political wishes of SSC community. And today the politically unity of the SSC community who have formed a unified political platform and leadership, and whose 14 Garaads have united under the same political umbrella provides an opportunity  to engage with, dialogue with and seek common ground with a legitimate counterpart.

B)  But if one doesn’t believe in a inclusive Somaliland and shared ownership of Somaliland based on the colonial borders with all its communities being part of it or aspiring to become part of it, and they see it as a singular clan owned and dominated project, whose narrative fully aligns with that of the SNM clan ideology that thinks it can subjugate other clan and political groups by using the incomes and control of the Berbera Port as a power leverage, then SL leaders might choose continued war with SSC, other clans and those whose who have other political thoughts. And this will lead to further internal crumpling of Somaliland and division that has started with the SSC folks uprising and Las Anod conflict but will continue throughout other regions with further uprisings and more people rejecting this Somaliland, and more clan based regions and communities deciding on self governance and forming alternative ‘states’z 

I think it’s those two choices that SL leadership has, and these two choices are inherent directly linked to the future of Somaliland, its viability, stability and social coherence. SL leaders needs to look at things from this dialectic perspective, thinking and decision making that consist of opposed or contradictory ideas, in order to examine, consider alternatives and find the truth. Without considering this dialectic thinking and opposing ideas, many would and already tend to see things from the singular truth and pathways professed within the ingroup members and will overlook better and more promising solutions and alternatives than the currently chosen and professed one, which is currently the trend. 

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whistle blower Suldaan, HJ and SL are going to war, i think they SL feels humiliated and is hell bent for revenge, but they will lose

Suldaanka waa mahadsanyahay

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15 hours ago, Arafaat said:

Honoust Reflections from Abdiqadir Jirde on lessons learned and background of recent in Somaliland.

With all due respect to C/Qadir Jirde, and as always I admire his calm and mature thinking, a rare voice in SL, but he is being shortsighted (I would not want to designate him dishonest), and perhaps had been spending too much time with tolka, serving out popular talking points in Waqooyi. A few points to highlight:
a) Peace is SL was not unique, if anything, it was rooted in and flowed from traditional Somali peace and reconciliation mechanisms.
b) SNM did attempt to invade other regions and take revenge against neighbouring clans at four fronts namely Awdal, Sanaag, and Sool & Cayn. These had been documented, and in one of those, Makhiri elders scheduled to meet with their SNM-aligned counterparts in Ceerigaabo had been massacred in the middle of the night same way as those of Galkacyo by USC.
c) Not all of the South had been taken over by warlords. He could peddle that logic and language when he is talking with reer Xamar.
d) He is promoting confederation whilst critiquing federalism, and is not doing a good job of it.   

On the issue of conflict among the Somali elites, it is as if he and C/Raxman Baadiyow read the same manual. Baadiyow presented at Heritage conference in Jibouti discussing the same issue among others incl. religion etc.

A good man, but should have come better briefed.

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