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U.S.S. United States of Somalia

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Hey guys i have this idea right, and i want you guyz to tell me wha u think.


see right now theres so called SOMALI,,SOMALILAND,,PUNTLAND,,


well my idea is how about we let each state split up for a certain amount of time say like 40 to 50 years, so that they can stabalise themselfes, instead of this never ending war and conflict.

Let them get their country fixed up , let them build schools , hospitals, homes. buildings roads everthing ,and thet their economey right.


and after 50 years they should join back together and call themselfes,

U.S.S. [unites States of Somalia]


After every state have built up their land and economy they should be 1.

and each state can have its own laws and stuff,


Let me know wha y'all think

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