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judicial not judgemental

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this one is a knife stab .. since it's

"virtual" , it should feel like a mild heartburn ..


narrated by Abu Huraira (rdwn be upon him) , the Prophet (p b u h) said : spirits are like conscripted conscriptees ... to the end of the hadith.


conscripted conscriptees meaning


drafted soldieres



from Al-Israa (17:85)


Say to them The Spirit is of the command of my Lord ..



my conclusion :


one can not experience war with his five senses,since being a soldier is a spiritual matter




which means technically/legally no material witness has ever witnessed an act of violence or crime .. and since "spiritual witness" makes no sense in our worldly context ...

it would only be a person talking about his/her fantasies

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there are few finacing for your stay in "gov." buildings .. maybe as beijing .. but only trained special agents can do that ..


the last bastion left of the u.s. "gov." , the pentagon is occupied by them here :


fbi ?


nothing left of the russian "gov."

but (der plizei-staat)


njet "dawlad" or the americans will shoot !


njet "dawlad" .. or sending kids to school would be like this :

sending kids to school ..

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* and finally ..


when the glass is half empty ..


it means the water(matter) has no ..






when the glass is half .. full ..


it means the water(matter) has ..






this was brought to you by >


cumar dhule école nationale du théâtre ,borame





.. more "music" in shaAllah after Ramadan

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