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Bosaso Port Development *botched deal*?

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For me, the take away from this is that, DP World could have got Bosaso Port on the cheap, even cheaper than P&O Port deal. 

As the PL minister said, they could not afford to break the deal with P&O Ports so they begged DP World for a way out. 

Arabs are merciless if they see you as desperate. 

I wouldn't be surprised if this is one-way deal - if you can even call that. I am sure, the DP World has all the hands including termination clauses that are just too open. 

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The flickering light sums up PL competency, how long it takes to replace a faulty lamp in parliament!

Waa meel Deni diirtay! This is nothing but a show, ceeb astur,   and they are all on it, including the speaker.  Ceebtii Mogadishu,  baa la asturi

So many questions,  and no proper answers 


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