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As we Grow

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As we grow up, we learn that even the one person that

was not supposed to ever let you down probably will.

You will have your heart broken probably more than

once and it`s harder every time. You will break hearts

too, so remember how it felt when yours was broken.

You will fight with your best friend. You will blame a

new love for things an old one did. You will cry

because time is passing too fast, and you will

eventually lose someone you love. So take too many

pictures, laugh too much, and love like you have never

been hurt because every sixty seconds you spend upset

is a minute of happiness you will never get.

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As I grow, am to learn right from wrong-

Age 1 perfected to get my milk proper,

while the one Allah blessed me through sang me my 1st love'song*

2 felt little bit more agile making moves soo wrong-

3 messing everything on my way, no meant yes, yes meant yes*

4 got the form of talk properly I started walking,

Still to notice Allah's bless

5 Began to brain storm forming questions to ask*

6 Daddy whats this? Why do men look different from women?

What do females have in commen? Do men really rule the world?

Who's God and why do people die? Am still trying to figure why I hate every girl*

7 man enough to hold my little own, say what's mine*

8 growing wild throwing rocks trying to hit the sunshine*

9 Feeling guilty why is everything I do truns out to be filthy-

10 Oh boy watch out am out to follow them big boys, moms can't keep up with my sneak outs*

Pops beats my brains out, won't stop I yell and shout*

11 dang times flying passes me in a drift*

12 same situation, school bores me I like 'em gurls to play hide 'n seak wit' me*

13 it's either to learn crime or justice*

14 Danm I go with crime cause justice was made to have jumping over vences*

15 Oright, ditation got me lossing my patience starting to be more pain in the butt

No doctor no patient

16 into my teen, bad enough F'da world my hard heads says my life's on a highway to hell check how I been*

17 say sa'um and ama bust sa'um it ain't na'in

18 of age so they say still F'da world in my mind

19 no joke gotta school can't happen to fail on life and be that old man who use to fool

20 no leason learned messing in thug'manssion

21 yea yea whatever is clever am to go smooth change with the weather*

22 to 29 life is mine

30 to 40 sh*tt I reget how I lived me life or I am glad I had all the things I had*

50 to 60 life down the drain*

70 see you when I see you

80 could be would be should be oldmans story

Time tells all tails*

Growing sucks*


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Ooh all that responsibility and having to act 'proper' and mature! Growing up sux.


While out earlier today, I went passed a park and couldn't resist going down the slide & playing on the swings. I know I'm supposed to be a 'grown-up' but I've had great fun. :D

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