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Why do you judge me

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Why do you tend to judge me

cause I'm of different race.

Why do you tend to hate me

cause I'm from a different place.


Why is it that you think I'm stud!p

because of where I'm from.

In my own opinion,

You have classified yourself as dumb.


You act as if I'm a criminial

evil and a crook.

And all this because

your job from you I took..


All this hatred that you show

is nothing more than envy.

Why can't you just see

that you are not better nor worse than me.


I was born in this country,

I grew up just around the corner.

The difference between you and I,

is that my father crossed that border.


He has struggled in the past

to make our lives all better.

I admire him for that

why do u have to be a hater.


And even though I respect you,

You show me nothing more than racism.

When will this all stop

When will you stop your criticism?


We are no longer that minority..

Nor will we be for ever more.

We will one day rise above low standards

that's what we're fighting for.


So I suggest you learn to love my kind

and just be all that you can be.

Cause all your racism and your criticism

can no longer bother me....

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