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cloud of inspiration

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In the cloud of inspiration,

with the little pink sheep of dreams

grazing the grey-white puff,

the life I'm writing is free to roam.


They rumble across the surface,

the little pink sheep of dreams,

interpreting the colours and shades

preparing them for my page.


In the cloud of inspiration,

the minds of the livestock sharpen

the pencils of my mind

to be inscribed on paper for the world.


up here, in the secret publicity

with the little pink sheep of dreams,

the heart escapes the encasement in flesh

and drifts in shapeless light.


they are walking in a pattern,

the little pink sheep of dreams -

presenting the solution in their time-free

careless distraction.


the cloud of inspiration opens before me,

and the little pink sheep of dreams

enflame my words into action:

I've got a lot of work to do.

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Kiwich real insightful _Get'em'Up!_

We need more powerful hearts and profound words!

Coulds My Inspire! Go'Me!


~1000,000 strong in a how we do~




~~~~ One Never Knows Till Time Shows~~~~


~~~~ One Never Knows Till Time Shows~~~~




It’s been years in fear

Ignorance I never knew, had this habit clear

Killing my hope

crushing me like a can of beer

Ending my rope

Whispers in my ear

Been drifting from birth,

for all it’s worth

Distructing mother Earth!


Beings getting worst

The Wars___We Reherse

The Gunz___We Burst

……And Yea…..

The Words___We Reverse

Salute, March For Peace

Half is the other part of the piece

Tempermatic am mad at ease

Why they B54 the Middles East

Cause their ground forces getting deceased

B4 I die am getting 4boots, Atleast!

So come and galance in advance

I give u the battle fields chance

B4 I mash up yo'Home Land Plans

And Nope We Never Did 911 or London Bombs that's bananas


Shock the Sheikh "Am Shot!"

Composing off balance

Cause I know about their servailance

FBI-CIA-CISA- see me eh?

See me say, Easy I Say!

I got Quranic Guidance

With the chronic ebonics

Good or Bad All I bliss, Allah bless

And One Never Knows Till Time Shows!

With all I stress is my life livings mess

Forword for peace, Four words to piece

I. Rise. My. Fist.

Get 'em nervious see all the shots they missed

And One Never Knowss Till Time Shows!

With the same saga

Am telling Amina And Hanna!

Tell 'em to Give 'em the wrong mail box in Mississauga

While am conducting business as a Designa'

Damn it am cool calm collective, NEVER in HURRY!

With More Romance Than A Love Story

Horror am like Terror Teritory

No Panic, Never Fear Or Worry

Fail My Devil, Yes Am Glory!

And One Never Knows Till Time Shows!

All that goes like blows in their nose

When it's hard they inhailing those

5% to follow 95% to lead MaaN! Throw Dem Bows!

2% getting supressed by the 3% foes

My calculation will or got you lost and I KNOWSSS!

Imaginatively speaking, from tha. 5percenters points I view

Are devilish and Dijaalish plots, killing us like 95% of'us are few!

Get in their brain if u feel my fued

If u can pute than dispute the Controbands I Cue

DeadlyVision's My IQ!


These Suckers Are Foolish!

They try and Con Us, Coun'em Up!



~~~~ One Never Knows Till Time Shows~~~~


~~~~ One Never Knows Till Time Shows~~~~




Freedom or Freedumn?






None Understand This, It's Like They've All Gone Brandish!

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