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This Place Called World.

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The world is in turmoil today

the soil boils with hate and anger

war over oil death and destruction every where

putting our own existence in danger

so many people are sent to an early fate

destiny or nature controlling the rapid birth rate

suicide bombers and weapons of mass destruction

chemical bombs sold in countries of corruption

natural disasters and innocent lives taken

just to try and get the world to awaken

to the horror of death and the amount of stress

to try and get us to realise that we're blessed

overthrowing nations and inserting democracy

as the U.S government leads the war for hypocrisy

countries filled to the top with absolute distaste

mass genocide based solely on religion and race

land stained with blood innocence is abused and raped

justice made blind by evil actions of the powerful nations

forgetting that almighty Allah is the all powerful and conquering

we came a long way since Adam and Eve were created

humanity is in shambles God's creation is worthless

and his wrath will soon fall down

and start blanketing the whole surface

destroying everything that is on the universe

Dear God, save us and save the Muslims

for they are the people you revealed the truth to

the people that worship none but you almighty Allah.



Peace, Love & Unity.

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Bus Ride




Ever feel like the world is against you

And feel like nobody really cares for you

That if you weren’t there everybody would continue

Doing things they’ve always been doing

Going places they’ve always been going.

Ever stop to and notice……



Ever notice how people stare at you

And when you look at them they pretend not to see you

Wondering why you look the way you do

Or dress in the manner that you do

To them its oppression to me its liberation

Evey stop to be…..



Ever try and be someone your not

and change your whole attitude just to fit in

Do things you just normally wouldn’t do

Wish you could just blend in with the background

And blank out all that surrounds you

Ever stop to reflect…


Ever reflect on what’s going on in the world

And think of what you’ve done to make a difference

Like giving a homeless person a cup of tea for instance

Small things can make a big impact

And that’s a fact

Ever close your eyes


Ever try closing your eyes and being in that place you’ve always dreamed about

A place where your brothers and sister aren’t dying

And the breaking news isn’t about the increasing number of dead found in sir lanka

Where aids doesn’t affect the people in Africa

And people would just stop “misunderestimated†bush lol


Every stop and think..

You spend way to much time on the bus

And think way to much about a lot of stuff

That will never change

And that I’m probably insane.


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this piece is done in SLAM POETRY STYLE...if u into dat u might get it /enjoy ...if ya aint..sowwy...








Blind-sighted by the world’s


and riches only make you more broke and


LIES the difference between the ground and the

SKY…….HIGH is my pride and


I translate

My hurt and feelings into

Rivers that flow freely

Rhymez without feeling

As I’m reading and


How many times do I have to


I won’t surrender…I’ll stand TALL-er

Than the highest mountain

Astounding are

The Shouldz, wouldz, and couldz

BUT the DIDN’T ‘s compounding


MISTRESSt-ing each other, Killing one

Another day will come

Rest your HEADZ

Refresh your FAITHZ


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