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Holding On


by Shaka Zulu


I sit here in a puddle of tears,

why do I hold on?

I cry time and time again,

why do I hold on?

I think of you all thru the night,

why do I hold on?

You made me feel so warm,

so loved, so wanted,

why do I hold on?


I toss and turn dreaming of you,

why do I hold on?

You made an impact in my life,

why do I hold on?

You always made me smile,

why do I hold on?

You hold my heart in the palm of your hand,

why do I hold on?

I miss you so much, it tears me up,

why do I hold on?


For the love, you gave me I can not replace,

For the smiles we shared,

For the tears that shed,

For the times you cared,

For the nights we talked till dawn,

For the hugs you gave, (till your arms went numb)

For my heart.. my soul.. my life,

That is why... I hold on.

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Zulu warrior..that's deep bro. Ok..Ama try to see if I can help retrieve back.....still searchin'...

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Originally posted by raula:

Zulu warrior..that's deep bro.

thanx Raula it is for my Baby, the most beautiful

Queen in the whole wide world.

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Missing You

by Shaka Zulu


I Miss You When We Are Close,

I Miss You When We Part,

I Miss Your Adoring Smile,

I Miss Your Loving Heart.


I Miss Your Gentle Touch,

I Miss Your Heart And Soul,

But Most Importantly Of All,

I Miss You as a Whole and

I want You to Know that I Love You

With All My Heart Baby.

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by Shaka Zulu


You smiled at me and touched my heart.

I knew right then, we'd never be apart.

We talked and realized we were the same.

I knew right then, someday I'd Want To Make

You My Wife.

You're the closest to perfection I've ever known,

and I want to thank-you for the love you've shown.

I love you so much and always will

You fixed the hole in my life I needed to fill.

Anything and everything for you I'd do.

Oh, my love, how I need you!

Your loving Fills my soul with bliss.

Your compassionate heart and caring soul

Flourishes our love and helps it grow.

You are my lover, my confidant, and forever friend.

With all my heart, I choose you to the end.

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I Wanna Show


by Shaka Zulu


I wanna show the world what I feel for you

My love for you is true

I wanna show you how much I care

With a glance from my eyes

As I stare deep inside

It resembles a picture of when I looked into the skies

And as I closed my eyes I wished for you

For the love I wanna share

For one day we'll both see

One day we will be together for eternity

As I hold my pillow tight

Looking at the stars so bright

That are shining over me tonight.

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by Shaka Zulu


You take away my fears,

And wipe away my tears,

You make me happy when I'm sad,

You make the world seem not so bad,

You make me think,

You help me to try,

You make me wonder,

You make me laugh,

You make my life better,

It's as simple as that

and I LOVE YOU 4 that.

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The way I feel about you

by Shaka Zulu



I cannot express my feelings

when I talk,

I cannot draw my feelings

with a piece of chalk,

the pen and the page

are as blank as they can be,

I cannot seem to put down

what is hiding in me,

I cannot Tell you all

the things that i want to

tell you without running

out of words to express

How I feel About You

but i hope that you will

Look into my eyes and see

howmuch I LOVE YOU.

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A Life Of Dreams

by Shaka Zulu



A life spent without shared dreams,

Is a life not truly lived.

Let's say we'll go to that beach,

Even if we know we never will.

Say we'll make love on the shore

As the waves roll against us.

Our bodies will become one

Beneath a large moon

Surrounded by bright stars.

The moist sand will swallow us,

As we become one with the earth.


Let's say that we'll take a walk in the woods,

Even if we know we'll never have time.

Say we'll walk in the Jungle

Beside a long stream.

We'll dance in the moonlight

With the fireflies.

Falling onto the grass we'll lay,

Watching the stars glisten

Until the world around us is a dream...


Let's say we'll go to the mountains,

Even if we doubt we ever will.

Say we'll ride bareback on horses,

When neither of us ever liked them much.

We'll find we love it as we ride

Higher and higher,

Until we can look down upon the little town below.

We'll light a fire under the stars.

The light will embrace us as we kiss...

A kiss of true, unconditional love,

Of dreams we've shared throughout the Years.

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by Shaka Zulu


I said more

than a thousand times before

I never want to fall in love again.


I never knew...

I was going to meet you.

I never thought someone like you

would come into my life.


I never knew...

I wouldn't be able to resist you.

I never thought you could make me

smile the way you do.


I never knew...

I'd be happy with you.

I never thought this happiness

would Last this Long

I just want you to know that

I LOVE YOU 2day more than Yesterday.

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Three Wishes

by Shaka Zulu



If I had three wishes,

I would wish to trade lives,

With a person so lucky,

A very Lucky Man,

Your Husband.


Just to have one day of waking up beside you,

Looking into those beautiful eyes,

Tasting your morning lips.

To make slow love to you

'Til we collapse into each other's arms.

I want to watch you shower and Brush your hair.

I will make your breakfast and

I would love nothing more than to be that person

You come home to Everyday,

To greet with a hug.

We can talk over dinner . . .

Enjoy dessert much much later :D .

I want nothing more than to appreciate

The beautiful, kind, caring, gentle, honest,

loyal and loving Lady you are.


I would love the chance

To show you what you deserve and

Enjoy what i have.

If I had three wishes . . .

I would give away two, because

The only thing I want in this world,

Is one chance with you!

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The Heat Of My Desire

by Shaka Zulu


In the still of the evening

Without sunlight to intrude

I see the twilight's in your eyes

As the moon sets up the mood


Playing music soft and low

While romance fills the air

I can't help but feel aroused

The very moment you come near


You submit to my embrace

While candles flick their flame

And the smell of sweet perfume

Seems to drive my lust insane


As I look into your eyes

And run my fingers through your hair

I taste the sweetness of your neck

As I nibble at your ear


I then whisper words of love

As you answer with a sigh

And in a very sexy way

Your sweet body comes alive.


You give me so much pleasure

For ecstasy is here

With you wrapped inside my arms

To this heated love we share.


Now no one can come close

To this love that we inspire

For only you can fill this joy

And the heat of my desire.

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How I Feel

By:Shaka Zulu



It's so hard not to tell you the way I feel inside.

Everytime that I'm around you, it's my heart that I must hide.


I keep it to myself, in fear of what you'll say.

My soul couldn't bare it if you didn't feel the same.


I cry myslef to sleep at night

Wishing you were here to hold me tight.


A tear hits my pillow because my heart is in pain.

It's only your love that I'm wishing to gain.


Tonight it's another's eyes you look in

When you smile and tell her you're going to let her love in.


I don't know what to do or say

Knowing you should be with me that way.


I tell you that I'm happy for you and put on my best smile.

But all I really want to do is go and cry for a while.


Even after you put me trhough I stand by your side

Because I couldn't live with myself if I let the chance to love you pass me by.


Your friendship is the most precious thing to me,

But please don't be afraid of what all we could be.


In time, I will let all of this go.

The day will come when I can finally let you know.


Until then, I'll still be your best friend;

My love for you will never end.

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By:Shaka Zulu


When I am wrapped up in your arms,

I feel safer than ever before.

When you stare into my eyes, its a feeling I can't ignore.

I know this isn't just a game,

because, what I feel for you,

I never felt with anyone else.

When I am close to you I am overwhelmed with happiness.

You're what I've been waiting for my whole life.

You're someone I can share my love with,

you take away my fears.

Words can't express how much I love you.

But, through this short amount of time,

I hope you realize that my love for you is real.

I'm not with you to play games,

and I know you feel the same.

With you, is where I want to be

because I found someone who loves me just for me.

You give me all the reason in the world

to believe that you won't hurt me in anyway.

And if I ever lost you,

I don't know what I would do.

You probably think I am crazy,

but truthfully I'm not.

Every time that were together,

it's a whole new experience for me.

All I see in this world,

is no one else but you and me.

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By:Shaka Zulu


Why can't I speak when I have so much to tell?

Why can't I write when I have so much in mind?

Why can't I sing when there's music in my heart?

Why can't I dance when there's rythm in the air?


Too many words left unspoken

Too many things left undone

Why can't it be and why can't I?

For all I know this pain deep inside

Took the gladness from my heart.


Is this the pain of missing you?

Is this the reason behind it all?


Hear the agony of my heart

Longing for you and for your touch

Feeling your lips, feeling your face

Missing your kisses and warm embrace.


When will the waiting ever be over?

Oh! My Dearest Love

I just want you to know

That my heart is aching because


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