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American Pie

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Listen to White man's confession after years of oppresion

His words just flowing like a poetry session

Wondering whether he'll step into my loxion

and see all the rot and corruption

brought by his racial selection

But I doubt whether he'll go in without protection


and view his systems creation

and see starving childrens reactions

and widowed wives condition

after decades of racial segregation


I doubt whether he'll have the conviction

to do more than give a donation

with money for his racist condition

of mining Africa's rich tradition

and killing it's pride and passion


But it doesn't matter about his selection

it won't change my minds direction

to clear my life of his racist pollution

and see my people's dreams come to fruition

and rebuild my Africa after years of mental erosion


And I'm tired of every politician

suddenly caring when it's time for election

but not taking the time for connection

with the people who suffered the devestation

They say the black man must prove he suffered slavery

They say the black man must prove he needs their money

but he doesn't have to prove it to that man

he doesn't have to prove it to that white man

nor to the American or the European

He doesn't have to prove it man

Because He knows there's such thing as the strong black man

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