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What I am...

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Baby you may think you know me

But you don't

You may think you can change me

but you won't


I am not Tupac

from L.A on high

whose sole reason to be is to be high

No I'm not


And don't be thinkin Prince Charming

Come to carry you away

to that kingdom all princesses crave

called Happy Ever After

That's a lie


So this is what I am


I am a man

a somali brotha

i neither graze(qaad) nor blaze

I own a pickup and a macawis

and drink shaax on hot afternoons

I own one suit, but no ties

you can call me a faarax, but

trust me baby, it's no lies

but my socks all match

just overlook the holes

I have a simple life

With a simple plan

To find you

Oh! somali beauty

And be your man

To love you

And hold you

when times are good or shitty

An to be faithful forever

or until you leave me

whichever comes first

is that too much to ask?

I will rub you feet at night

and i'm not above doing dishes

(as long as it does not become a habit)

I am not a genius

But I can hear a woman say no

and respect that

(as long as it don't become a habit)

So if you think I fit your bill

Call me sometime soon

And if I don't

Hell call me anyway

(as long as it don't become a habit)


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