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Guddoomiyihii gobolka Wajeer oo xil ka qaadis lagu sameeyay

Aqalka Senetka dalka Kenya ayaa u coddeeyay in xilka laga qaado guddoomiyihii gobolka Wajeer Maxamed Cabdi Maxamuud kaddib markii ay u coddeeyeen xil ka qaadistiisa 25 xubnood oo ka tirsan Aqalka.

Barasaabka ismaamulka Wajeer ayaa waxaa horey xil ka qaadis ugu sameeyay golaha wakiilka ee ismaamulka Wajeer.

Aqalka Senetka ka hor waxaa xil ka qaadistiisa u codeeyay Golaha wakiilada oo markii danbe go'aanka ay gaareen u soo gudbiyay Aqalka Senetka oo ugu danbeyntii ku raacay Golaha Wakiilada 

Waxaa lagu eedeeyay guddoomiyaha in uu jabiyay sharciga dowladda ismaamulka Wajeer iyo in uu ku tuntay sharciga qandaraas bixinta.

Waxaa uu barasaabkii ismamaulka Wajeer Maxamed Cabdi Maxamuud noqonayaa barasaabkii ugu horeeyay ee ka soo jeeda gobolka ay Soomaalida degto ee Waqooyi bari Kenya oo xil ka qaadis lagu sameeyo.


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Senate committee recommends removal of Wajir governor

A special committee of the Senate has recommended the removal of Governor Mohamed Abdi Mahamud for endangering the health of the people Wajir County.

The committee chaired by Nyamira Senator Senior Counsel Okong’o Omogeni found Mr Mahamud guilty of gross violation of the Constitution, County Governments Act, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act and the Public Finance Management Act.

The Senators, however, dismissed claims of abuse of office and gross misconduct against Mr Mahamud saying the allegations were not substantiated.

While impeaching Mr Mahamud, the MCAs accused the Governor of endangering the health of the people of Wajir because the health sector is in deplorable condition despite being allocated a total of Sh2.4 billion since 2018, an amount that is equivalent to 22 per cent of the budget.

They said the county referral hospital laboratory, which also serves the region, cannot conduct coronavirus tests for lack of kits and lack of reagents.

This, they said, is despite the fact that the county got an additional Sh194 million in the 2019/20 financial year to curb the spread of the virus.


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Oromo boy I don’t know why you are celebrating, he is a close cousin of the person you have been taught to hate, Sheikh Ahmed Islam.

This should also put to rest the nonsense espoused by those who hate og, saying they are minority in Kenya. They settle on 60% of the land, if not 70%.

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