Grand P, the man who drives women wild

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The artist, Grand P, the man who drives women wild is in Côte d’Ivoire. He is on Ivorian soil to ask for Eudoxie Yao’s hand in marriage.

The latter has been hesitant ever since she reproached him for his frivolous character. Eudoxie Yao had even joined him for company in Guinea. When she went back home, she learned to like all of us that Grand P is flirting with other women. Something he denied, claiming he was just filming music videos with the women in question.

When Grand P arrived in Abidjan, to formalize their union, he found f himself tossed around the hands of lovely ladies including Yvidero or Yasmine Reda. The two took advantage of Eudoxie Yao’s laxity to become the wife of the most popular artists in Africa at the moment.

Grand recently announced that Asking for Eudoxie Yao’s hand in marriage was one of the reasons she was in Abidjan. He stepped up a gear by declaring that he would be delivering his dowry his sweetheart.

He told Willy on his show ‘Noon on Life TV’, “I have come to pay dowry for Eudoxie Yao this week.” A decision that Eudoxie Yao was pleased with.

“Of all women, it is Eudoxie that I love”, he added.

“He has his hand on his heart. He is very grateful. He knows where he’s from, “said Eudoxie Yao before adding that the relationship is serious.

Alpha the manager of Grand P, without revealing a date, affirmed that the dowry will be delivered.

Faced with the verbose Willy Dumbo, the two lovebirds reflected on the moments of tension in their relationship lasts year.

There was the famous scene where w Grand P kissed a white lady in Abidjan, and Eudoxie Yao was furious. Grand P defended himself by saying, “She was the one who provoked me. It is not my fault”.

Eudoxie Yao was questioned about the cars she received as gifts. She claimed that it was her man who gave her these gifts. It was not Grand P. “We were not together then.”

In response, Grand P also plans to offer a Range Rover and a house to Eudoxie Yao to cleanse himself.

The two lovers, singing artists, are planning to release a hit in the coming weeks and we wait for.

Sorry ladies, Grand P, the man who drives women wild, is taken.

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