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Somali Cause: One Year of Occupation

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Commemorating the first anniversary of occupation. This moment is being observed around the world.


Minneapolis, Minnesota on Friday, December 28, 2007




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Dear All,


Year 2007 was a disgrace to the international community and disastrous for Somalis. Dec 28th will mark the 1st anniversary of the Ethiopian occupation and a year long of suffering of innocent Somalis. A year ago by Dec 28 the, Ethiopian troops invaded Somalia under the banner of "war on terror" and continue to occupy the whole country under the barrel of a gun.


Without the slightest protest, in the eyes of the international community, more than 10,000 innocent Somalis were killed, over one million displaced and countless others vanished. The occupying Ethiopian forces and its TFG militias continue to shell densely populated civilian areas in Mogadishu, shut down media houses and arrest traditional leaders who speak against the occupation and crimes against civilians. Eric Laroche, the head of United Nations humanitarian operations in Somalia is quoted as saying "if this were happening in Darfur, there would be a big fuss. But Somalia has been a forgotten emergency for years." (


Somali Cause, a newly formed umbrella organization comprised of 9 grass-root political organizations in North America and based in Washington DC, would like to invite you to a public forum on Somalia. The distinguished guests will address:


  • America's foreign policy and its implications for human rights and world order
  • Human right violations in Somalia & the international community's response
US command center for Africa (AFRICOM); its objectives and long-term strategies and consequences.
Conference speakers, who are well versed on the subject matter are, professor Peter Erlinder (keynote speaker)of William Mitchell College of law is the lead defense team at the UN International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (
), adjunct professor Hassan Mohamud (
), professor Ismail Gorse of Anoka Community College and Sh. Abdisalan Adan of Darul Hijra Center among others.


One could argue what happens in a distant place as Somalia doesn't concern or have any significance for us here. On the contrary, what is happening in Somalia has very significant implications for America and Americans. It has security and economical ramifications. Should you want to know of what your other fellow-American, Somali-American, (your neighbor, client, co-worker or friend) and their families here and back in the native land are going through, please come to this conference and ask questions. This is a must attend conference


This conference will take place on Friday, Dec 28th @6pm at Zuhran Shrine Center on Park and 25th, Minneapolis , MN . Should you need directions call the center or 952.451.4848.


Attached is the flyer for this conference. Please feel free to print and distribute if able to do so.


Hope to see you there!

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