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institutions of shame:


Tribe/clan are anthropological terms. To me they resonate Destructivism. That is a word to describe tribalism in Somalia. Of course, it hasn't been used in social theory except minor market economics. At least, I am not aware of any other. In one online dictionary, tribe is, by definition, large family, sociopolitical organization or unit. in other words, taxonomic category used to identify and divide ancient Romans, Isrealites-twelve of them. The Holy Quran describes the purpose of tribal identity as patriarcal lineage.

To go back to earlier statement or renouncement of the term, one is ascribed to it as symbol of honor or disgrace. One gains respect and status simply because they are from certain tribe. At this point, I am touching a sensitive point in social norms in some societies. Good! Let me talk about how the system of division by Destructivism places humanity of one over others.


comments are welcomed

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