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Restarting the best engines in Africa. IDA and World Bank reactivating in Djibouti. More significant news than the money for now.

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The World Bank’s portfolio in Djibouti consists of 14 IDA-funded projects totaling US$209 million.

Ghelleh and the Djibouti elders have decided to integrate the displaced population from all countries, but mainly Somalia, Ethiopia and Eritrea. The chances these people will some day go back to their original homes is nil. Ethiopia and Eritrea will almost never be welcoming their peoples from Djibouti for many reasons including economic reasons. Somalia also seems getting further and further from being a country where people can return to their homes and re-establish life.

The more these people stay in Djibouti without any hope, means more security risk as well, in addition to economic, social, cultural...problems. A lot of human power is also being wasted.

Both the International development and world bank are enthusiastic of this great idea.

25 Million Dollars has been allocated yesterday June 1, 2020. Its a great start.

Brilliant program, same program that has given Ethiopia few of its industrial parks where the condition is to hire 20% of the work force from refugees.

Go Ghelleh beyond Coronavirus. Ignore the obstacles the European and Arab as=ss kissers throw at you.

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