Faarax Macalin 'An attack on Ethiopia is an attack on Somalia'

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 Waxaan soo xasuustay 'Xoriyoooy imisa nin ayaa ku qaba'? Shan nin ayay tidhi.

Faarax Macalin, how many masters does he have?   

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Mudane Farah Macalin was one of the most sensible and level-headed Somali politician in whole of the freaking Kenya who at least was an old style Somali nationalist of 1960s era. I remember how he used to denounced volubly Mr Meles Zenawi and his Somali stooges (or his cheaply-retained political gofers) when Col. Yey was using the Ethiopian's army to pulverize Mogadishu in the years between 2006 - 2008.

And now, all of a sudden, Ethiopia is Somalia and Somalia is Ethiopia, according to his fine judgement of things, apparently.

And to boot, which is worse, is the fact that he is deliberately looking the other way when he can easily see the "ugly sight" of seeing Mr Farmaajo (just like Col. Yey before him) using the same Ethiopian's army to settle scores against his internal opponents, be they those who were in SWS, or be they those who are currently cooped up in Gedo's region.

However, still, be that as it may, we apparently got to be detained in absurd manner (no less) by his cheap political waffle through his twitter spleen, in-terms of how Somalis should view the conduct of Ethiopian's army being "borrowed" (like so much of a Mafia's muscle) by the failing political clique in Villa Somalia. 

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Not all that denounce interference of Ethiopia are nationalists. Its just that they want Ethiopia to interfere for ONLY for them.

They never realize that once you open the door, the competition is only going lower and the price of the local collaborators getting cheaper.

On top of that there is this complete falsehood becoming truth. Example USC was the the biggest and deepest collaboration with Ethiopia, yet by most Somalis including yourself, USC collaboration is not considered in any analysis or news.
Aidiid was asked, expenses covered, brught from India to lead USC by Ethiopia.

"Our mission is accomplished, when all that the American people believe as truth is false"
CIA director
"At the CIA we lie, steal..."
Another CIA director..

Do not be surprised when you thought a Somali is nationalist and find him in total servitude to foreigners.

Illey was accused by Somalis as being Xabeshi sell out. Illey was accused by Xabeshi as separatist (Somali Nationalist)
Which one is true?

Yey was accused by Somalilanders as Xabeshi sell out. Yey was accused (even jailed) of being Somali nationalist.
Which one is true?

Somalilanders are accused of being Xabeshi/Mengistu sell out. Somalilanders are most distrusted by Xabeshi (Mengistu or Meles and even Abiy) as being too Somali Ethnicists.
Which one is true?

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