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Somali Relics

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I don’t think designated historical sites or relics exist in Somalia at the moment. The monuments and statues of the capital city come to mind, but they’ve probably either been damaged or destroyed by now. In any case, they were merely symbolic representations of events with historical significance, not actual relics. So the simple answer to your question then, as far as I know, is no.


If it's any consolation, there are numerous towns and cities with historical significance. Muqdisho, Zaylac, Baraawe, and Warsheikh are a few that come to mind. A look into the research of certain academic disciplines might yield more fruitful results... I’m thinking mainly of archaeology and history in the context of East Africa.


Research of an archaeological nature has been conducted in Somalia sporadically since the 1970s as far as I know, but it probably dates to earlier periods. You could begin by searching for the contributions of the late Dr. Neville Chittick. He was a leading archaeologist who worked in Somalia (mainly during the 1970s and early ‘80s I think), but he worked extensively throughout the whole of East Africa so it’s shouldn’t be too difficult to find something on him.

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Brother Yuusuf, long time, indeed. "See tahay" {how are you?}.


I found an ancient masaajid, and I don't know whether you consider it to be a 'relic.'



This masaajid, known as "Cabdicasiis," was built in late 900s, more than thousand years old.


It was located in the old section of Muqdisho called Shangaani district. To this day, to my knowledge, it is still standing.

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