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Phone Scam

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FYI Please be aware:







Please see below details of a "new phone scam". BT are currently investigating but do not have enough evidence to pinpoint exactly how this is perpetrated.


Please find below details of a phone scam that is in operation, which has been passed to us via an employee:


This is a phone scam that is currently used to make people run up very expensive charges on their phone bills. This warning relates to home and/or work phones (including mobiles).


The methodology being used goes thus:


Your phone rings and you get a recorded message as follows: "Congratulations, we are calling to advise you that you have won an all

expenses paid trip to ......... Please press 9 now to hear further



If 9 is pressed, this connects you to a premium line that bills in the

region of £20 per minute. It gets worse, once you dial 9 and

connect, even if you disconnect immediately, the other end will stay connected for a minimum of 5 minutes - £100. Some people have received phone bills for hundreds and hundreds of pounds. If you stay connected and listen to the gibberish, it takes 11 minutes and the final part of the call asks you to key in your postcode and house number (which has other serious

considerations) and then after a wait of a further two minutes says "Sorry, you are not one of the lucky winners" and disconnects. This would mean a bill of £260!!!


Unfortunately the calls are originating from outside the UK apparently and BT are relatively powerless. The only safe solution is to hang up before it prompts you to dial 9!!


funny, but not if it happens to you!

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