The importance of jidadka xiran in Xamar

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5 hours ago, galbeedi said:


While the number of death are higher compared to four years ago, the frequency of attacks are less than few years ago. The two huge truck bombs of 2017 and 2019 certainly skew the real statistics.

In 2014, Somali parliament was attacked as well as  inside Villa-Somalia. Yet, even before the huge truck bomb, early this year , the attacks were frequent. In March 2019, close hundred people had died in four or five different bombs. I heard that for the first time Americans and others realized that in Mogadishu there is real existence of a " Criminal Cartel" that coordinates its crimes with Al-shabaab.

It seems other than blocking roads, they do not have an answer for these bombings. Living within cordoned garrisons like old colonial powers will not fix the problem. The elite live in garrisons and the native lives outside these walls. 

Other than KHayre, we don't see anyone from the security apparatus explain what happened or where things are going. 



What is the statistics of how many of the militants are killed? the statistic will definitely show their deaths will  be more than the previews years. There are active war  going on now compared the years before when the group was simply attacking and running over the Amizon bases.

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On 12/29/2019 at 11:56 AM, cadnaan1 said:

Sxb shisheeye qiil ma noqoto Somali ayaga ayaa gacmaheeda isku dilayso.

Dowlada hada jirta waa tii ugu liidatay xaga amaanka markii laga hadlaayo they wasted three years.

What did I tell you about shisheeyaha? Now they are officially being accused by Nabadsugida, which no doubt I believe them. I am certain shisheeye was behind this heinous attack's planning and financing.

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