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Could this be happening in Somalia and Somali Enclaves

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This article reads like science fiction. It shows clearly how corrupted the world is. The sad part is its all real.

Iranian born, Israeli intelligence person, Canadian lobbying firm founder, represented Haftar and another year a secret group in Tripoli and the year after Gaddafi clan...all in a days work each paying from 2 to 6 million at a time.


The same story continues unabated after overthrow of Al Bashir and transporting 1000 RSF to Haftar through Eritrea. Commander of RSF is deputy of Military council in Current Sudan government. Again another seeming fiction, but real. Telephne conversation between Haftar and Trump..etc can be had as anti-terrorist front. Sad but funny.





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Ex Camel trader across Libya, Sudan, Chad, Former Janjweed commander, now RSF commander is deputy of Military council.

Minawi the Darfur rebel leader and Hammeti the RSF commander now have common lobbyist with Haftar in Libya and both Sudanese are now supporting Haftar in Libya with soldiers.

Who got them together...Dickens and Madson...Lobying firm.

Hameti and Minawi met in Chad. Minawi who never made peace with Al Bashir is now making peace with Janjeweed commander.

Cruel world for the nomads across Darfur, Chad, Libya...


With $6m deal, Sudan military turns to foreign powers and a British-era tribal system to recognise its authority


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