Manhajka Waxbarashada Somaliland oo ardayda Buuhoodle loo qaybiyay

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Very encouraging news, indeed. And it's matter of time before this Buuhoodle town, which is the last hold-out town of the Sool clan's territories that is still outside of the Somaliland's political jurisdiction, will join-in with the rest of Somaliland.

And do so join as just another middling town of our country, like Xudun, Caynaba, Oodweyne, Salaxley, Baki, Saylac, and many other dusty towns too numerous to count them all in here. 

Moreover, I am expecting that "change-over" or when this town will "experience" its figurative moment of: "Come-Home-to-Daddy" scenario (and Daddy in here being Somaliland) will probably be within this year.

But still don't hold me to it. Because, Eastern Sanaag region is far more of a "strategically important" sub-region for the country in so far as the parliamentary election of this year is concern.

And that means that sub-region of Eastern Sanaag really must be first "incorporated" into the rest of the country long before Buuhoodle town gets to be properly "nationalized". And particularly, nationalized, in a manner reminiscent of the ways in which towns like Las-Anod and Xudun, or even Taleex, were once done-over in their "incorporation" into our Republic not that long ago.   

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