Manbij bomb in Syria has the whole mark of the Kurds to stop or delay the American withdrawal

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Four American service men and other innocent civilians were killed in a restaurant in the Kurdish controlled town of Manbij. As the news broke, the American media went over drive and depicted this killings as the reemergence of Deash or ISIS. The narrative seemed like ISIS was saying, " America, please stay Syria, bomb and fight us". Neoconservatives led by Senator Lidsey Graham even accused president Trump of empowering ISIS. 


Despite the characterization of the media of this event, facts on the ground totally point to different direction. Manbij is controlled Syrian Democratic forces or the Kurds dominated YGP.  While there American patrol men targeted, there was a meeting between American service men and the Kurd's in this specific restaurant which could only be known by the Kurds and their leadership. Most Turkish intelligence services and otters in the region believe that this explosions to be  the tactics of  those who want to stop or delay the American withdrawal from Syria. 

Why would ISIS collaborate with those who want to stop the American withdrawal? Unless ISSIS it self is a franchise that is controlled by others especially the fat boys of the gulf.


Turkey as the second largest standing army of NATO and their allies the free Syrian Army will take care of ISIS and company. Trump will get his wish of eliminating ISIS and Turkey will control huge land of Syria to force the Syrian dictator for settlement. This will not be the first time the Turkish army faces both the American armed YPG and Deash. During the East Euphrates Shield campaign , they cleared thousands of square miles from the militants which took three months. Unlike the coalition forces which relies on air campaign and indiscriminate bombings, the Turks and their allies went  house to house to clears these towns. 80% of these towns are intact. 


Mr. Trump and company will witness soon the power of Turkey to crush ISIS which will  make  northern Syria save for the displaced civilians to come back. Erdogan is negotiating with other countries to help build the Syrian communities in the save zones and spare Europe and others from the influx of refugees. 


While Turkey is preparing for northern Syria and specifically the main town of Manbij, the terrorist group called Tahriiru Sham had expanded their attack in to the Idlip deescalation zone created by Turkey and Russia. Having received money and weapons from the gulf , these radical groups are attacking the main opposition Syrian group supported by Turkey. Turkish reports indicate that as soon as the Manbij issue is resolved the Tahriir Sham groups will be wiped out for good.

Despite his tough talk, Trump is becoming an antiwar president. He is clearing the mess created by the evil neoconservatives and the neo-liberal order that is well known to be interventionists. The tactics of these two groups might be different , yet the outcome is always disaster. Both Obama and Bush had created wars that has destroyed the middle east and killed millions of innocent people.

President Trump also showed to be a tough president is willing the American war hawks who only create disaster where ever they touch. He confronted American generals for not fixing the Afghanistan quagmire after 17 years. Who knows, the world might Trump to rule few more years.

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