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Feminism: The moral voice?

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Originally posted by Khayr:

Well if the FOX shows'generosity towards others',

then the muslims will think good of him and not see how that 'meat' that the FOX wants to share and show 'generosity towards others' was received in the first place and the muslims won't question the 'quallity' of the FOX's 'generosity'....hey CRAP can be GOLD as long as it is from the 'generosity' of the FOX-RIGHT!


You lost me there. Especially the part: 'quallity' of the FOX's 'generosity'. What do you mean by that? Are you saying there is 'poor' or 'rich' generosity ? Can you give examples?


And crap can not gold as you asserted. They're made of entirely different substances.


and his KINGDOM will let you, the MUSLIM live in peace and tells you to promote 'PLURALISM' so long as it does not harm the
and intrude the
Life, Business affairs etc.


Nope. The FOX doesn't tell me what to do. And if it did, I have the freedom to accept it or reject it. The choice is entirely up to me. I have many options, among them is leave the FOX's hole and seek another hole. Even better option is make my own hole.


[qt]Are you suffering from IDENTITY CRISIS saxib?



No. Why do you ask?


Are you not proud of your ISLAMIC LINEAGE?

I'm proud of my religion but not of its followers.

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