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  1. Lets hope that this investment is actually realised as a lot of people often intend to invest in the somali populated areas but we often find that their investment doesnt actually quite materialise. I genuinely hope this guy in particular puts in some serious invest into Somaliland at this particular moment in time when it is so badly needed with the growing food and fuel prices and the natural disasters in the area.
  2. This man cannot be called a legend. he is a despicable vile human being who has massacred his own people to serve his greediness and hunger for power. for me he should not only be removed from the leadership of the country but he should be executed on the spot for the many war crimes this aboherent creature has commited on his people and country.
  3. Im not too sure what significance the capture of one vehicle has in the long term but it is evident that more and more signs are surfacing which indicate that the Puntland militia is on its last legs which is good news for the people of East Somaliland.
  4. Originally posted by peacenow: You forget he is a Jew. But i guess to the rabid way Somalis worship Islam, it don't matter does it. A Jew doing more for Somalia than the arabs we worship. Your not a muslim if you worship arabs sxb, your a muslim if you worship Allah subxanawatacalah
  5. Its a shame and humiliation for the supporters of Yey , i feel sorry for them --but on the other hand its friggin hilarious, loooooooooooooool
  6. ^^^^^^ Precisely, i thinnk Puntland has intentions that even its own 'citizens' and supporters dont seem to know about
  7. ^^^^^^^^ The constitution constantly referes to 'Puntland Nationals' inferring that they are citizens of nation called Puntland. So i would suggest that you get your facts right sxb
  8. ^^^^^^ That may be but Puntland is referring to it self as a nation in this Constitution so maybe it has plans you dont know about.
  9. Originally posted by Caamir: A.J. to preserve nature as it is is what people spend millions of $$ for that purpose alone. After so many years of stateless-ness, how was it preserved for such a long time begs for a miraculous answer. If they can find such an answer SL should learn to model it to its development, not military aggression, you know you can't win. The area has breathtaking beauty, nice climate and outstanding opportunities for agricuture and mineral extraction. if it was given a chance and some investment this area would prosper far beyond its current means. there is no need for any military agression as the area is peaceful and Somaliland and its people will look to keep it that way. Thats what i was referring to when i said the area will be secured. Any foreign agressors looking to exploit to region will be rebutted by the locals. Somaliland should look to further invest in this area so that the locals and the country as whole benefits from the regions development.
  10. Somaliland will secure this area and look after it properly. It will be developed just like the rest of Somaliland, and with its beauty and charm im sure it will be become a success story in Somaliland.
  11. It looks kinda of fake to me, the ball seems to be superimposed on to the movements so i think it is not genuine but i could be wrong.
  12. ^^^^^^^^ Lander, I was not saying that our independence is dependent on the unification of any other somali region or regions' status, but those who cry about there being a need for a Greater Somalia need to realise that the other regions which would make up such an entity are under foreign occupation and therefore any mention of a greater Somalia should be dropped until those entities are brought under Somali control. If that ever happened i think a Somaliland government would willing to discuss all issues relating to overal somali governance in the somali peninsula. That however seems a distant dream...
  13. ^^^^ Believe me eventually they will have no choice but to accept it.
  14. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I think its self-explanatory i suggest you read it again, after all its only one sentence
  15. We just state the facts, if you cant handle it i suggest you stop wailing and learn to live it.
  16. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It may be but so is the Republic of Somaliland.
  17. ^^^^^^^^^ Spot on JB, How can you cry about unification when the other somali inhabited regions are in no position to ever unify. There is no point in unifying two out of Five regions. I mean the start in the Blue flag of somalia symbolises the Five regions of greater Somalia so unless you are ready to unify all those five, there can be no succesful attempt at unification.
  18. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: quote:Originally posted by A.J.: This guy travels too much, he is needed inside the country right now and off he goes galivanting to some next country? the sooner we get rid of this bozo the better. lol@ these critics. Sxb, I am a critic of Incompetence and Riyaale is Incompetence Personified
  19. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lool, You just knew that the 'wailing generation' was gonna come in soon
  20. Originally posted by General Duke: I dont know adeer.. AJ, saxib Mogadishu belongs to all Somali's, I am reer Mogadishu and many people from your clan are reer Mogadishu. Thus we want the nation, the government to work and the people to prospour. Dukey, I didnt say anything about Mugdisho belonging to anyone or any clan, But the people of Mugdisho will not accept agressors and their Ethiopian cohorts to come in and try to control their city and country. Its as simple as that, no real Somali wants their capital turned into an outpost of the Ethiopian army and its cohorts
  21. If this is anything to do with the probosed bill on Somaliland that will be put before Congress, then the visit of this delegation could a great moment to showcase the strides Somaliland has made.
  22. This guy travels too much, he is needed inside the country right now and off he goes galivanting to some next country? the sooner we get rid of this bozo the better.
  23. Originally posted by General Duke: AJ,how do you know what and who has the support of Mogadishu? It doesnt take a genius to work to out does it? i suppose you have been living in a fantasy for a couple of years so dont know any better. It is obvious to the whole world that the TFG and their Ethiopian bosses have never and will never be accepted by the people of Somalia and especially Mugdisho and the sooner that you realise the better.
  24. I have to say i have been very impressed by the method and swiftness in which the locals and the Somaliland Police have dealt with the getting this innocent aid worker released. The captured kidnappers should be shown harshest side of justice so that it serves as a deterrent to anyone who even thinks about kidnapping people who come to Somaliland to help the suffering people of the region. Life imprisoment is a minimum i think and would go as far as calling for the death sentence if these guys are found guilty.