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  1. Originally posted by Abtigiis & Tusbax:

    Did I tell you I was banned within a week of my entry to SOL horta. General Duke flooded about 20 thread with large photos of Yey and my blood boiled. It was the days Ethiopia entered Muqdisho and all Somali's felt the shame. Kolkaasaan anigoo xiiqsan nacalad isagiyo pirate'kuu yahay ba ku sii daayey.


    Rule'ka ba ma ogeyn oo meesha in maryaha la isu dhigan baan u haystay.


    Markii la i ban gareeyey muddo dhan baan sii xanaaqsanaa oon lahaa nacalaa idinikiyo aabihiinba ku yaal rer-hebeloow.


    I only read the rules later and realised what I did!


    Ilaa shalay dhowr jeer baad sharciga jabisay. Kolkaad aniga wax kala qaad ilahayd ku daro!


    Waa danbooy niman Tolka ihi ii dacwoodeenbaa la ii kitaab furay oo qiil la ii helay.

    lol. That's hilarious.

  2. ^^^^ Isn't that what Bill Maher said and cost him his job at ABC? I don't know about balls. I'd say they were pretty well indoctrinated. And we're all facing certain death awoowe. We just don't know when.

  3. Originally posted by Maxaatiri:

    Her mistake was going to a 'traditional' sheikh, a real sheikh would have offered some sort of counselling for her and would have reminded the man about the rights of women in Islam, in particular that of treating co-wives equally.

    Who needs a "traditional" sheikh when you can get the real McCoy to tell you how to behave as a "co-wife": back o' the line, b!tch.



  4. Why would you use ALLAH to force a woman to be with a man?

    Standard operating procedure. There's no bigger authority to appeal to.


    Ilaahay ka cabso and gurigan ha duminina. Sheydaan kaliya ayaa kala geeyo nin iyo naagtiisa! Hadii kale cadaabtaad u socotaa!!!!”

    LOOOL. Classic.

  5. Originally posted by Hassan_B:

    You must first decide if faith in a Creator is something you desire. If so then the only way is to inquire those who have it how to get it, if not, then please mind your own business and cease this.

    Why would Johnny ask someone how they got their faith? It's not like most people climb mountains for theirs, they got it by birth awoowe.


    Johnny, read the Quran saaxib (and stay away from Maryooley dressed in short pants)

  6. Originally posted by Johnny B:

    Why doubting, skepticism, questioning and critically thinking are the Enemy of Theism?

    Not sure about other faiths but critical thinking and the pursuit of knowledge are essential in Islam. Aimless doubt and skepticism followed by disingenuous questioning are not. Of course, the Almighty guides whom he wills so a little prayer won't hurt either.

  7. Originally posted by Sherban Shabeel:

    A brave and intelligent man. We should all go with dignity if we can.

    You could see pure fear in his eyes when he drank the sodium pentobarbital. On one hand, I sympathize with his reasoning and couldn't imagine his situation but on the other, I wonder if he had missed out on a drug that could have made his illness manageable or even cured it. In hindsight, nothing changed on ALS since his death but who knows.


    Giving up just doesn't seem right. I wouldn't do it but I wouldn't burden my loved ones either. Drop me off at a beach somewhere and let nature take its course.

  8. Originally posted by Khayr:

    quote:Originally posted by Sherban Shabeel:

    One does not need to know how a wave works to know it's a wave.

    That is the new age motto and the age of the twitters -
    "speaking before thinking"


    There are more times to say things and to speak. You don't come in to someone's neighborhood and dictate to them things and then say -
    "my knowledge is definitely limited, but I stand by what I said ".


    Wisdom before speech.


    Humility before over confidence.
    Few on this site are less humble or more ignorant than thou. Go ahead, report me.

  9. After retiring, I went to the Social Security office to apply for Social Security. The woman behind the counter asked me for my driver's License to verify my age. I looked in my pockets and realized I had left my wallet at home. I told the woman that I was very sorry, but I would have to go home and come back later.


    The woman said, 'Unbutton your shirt'. So I opened my shirt revealing my curly silver hair. She said, 'That silver hair on your chest is proof enough for me' and she processed my Social Security application.


    When I got home, I excitedly told my wife about my experience at the Social Security office.


    She said, 'You should have dropped your pants. You might have gotten disability, too.'


    And then the fight started...

    LOOOOOOOOL. Priceless.

  10. Originally posted by Haneefah:

    raggan kugu wada diddey isku-kaftan matihidinee, maad isaga hadhid?

    Eesh calaa af Soomaali. NGONGE and the riffraff on this forum could use a lesson or two.


    A&T, with all the backpedaling you sure came across as a man with one and a half, if that. :D Now watch and learn:here's what you could have had with dos cojones.


    Empror found his other half

    I always suspected that boy was not playing with a full deck. LOL.

  11. Segregated swimming pools ... Islamic Evening entertainment including nashids....

    Sounds like a jolly good time. Nothing makes a vacation more memorable than a pool full of men and nashids at night. lol.

  12. The achilles heel of the separatists in this case is their inability to deflect the legitimate question of having an ex-NSS officer as their "president".


    You can harp about Samatar, Yalaxow and Biliqow all you want but as long as Riyaale sits as your leader, you will be regarded as bitter hypocrites. A fitting perception, I might add.

  13. Originally posted by Raamsade:

    Can a Muslim get into heaven by believing in Allah alone?



    Originally posted by Raamsade:

    quote:Originally posted by *Ibtisam:

    :confused: we don't worship mohammed but you must believe in him, your
    worship is to allah alone.

    Exactly. Allah alone is not sufficient to get into heaven. That is pure shirk as per Muslims' own logic.
    One must believe in Allah and the day of judgment and do good deeds to have a chance to enter heaven.

  14. lol. Mayee Cadan baa laga heesaya. The guy told us about the passing of his cousin. Everyone prayed for mercy and forgiveness for the deceased. Four pages and three weeks later, he comes back with glowing bodies and accident reenactments.


    It's only fair I ask him what pleasure he is getting from continuing this thread.

  15. Originally posted by Abu-Salman:

    It seems he prayed Maghrib with his friend and then uttered the Shahaada thrice right before driving.

    Sensing a dangerous traffic, my cousin asked then his friend to, likewise, testify the shahada.

    Without any visible injury, he died, while the friend was left unscathed.


    Discretly saving for islamic purposes, he was even advising his mother on a more appropriate Du'a as they talked over the phone around the same time as the incident etc.


    That is briefly the set of clues around that curious observation though "glowing" may seems a bit too strong...

    Are you now telling us the marxuum was on the phone when the accident occurred?


    What perverse attention-seeking purpose is this thread serving for you?