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  1. Originally posted by Archdemos:

    It doesn't surprise me, as i write this there are at least half a dozen high ranking officials in the Arab world who are working for Israel in one way or another.


    you just have to read the news and see the two sentenced to death in Lebanon recently and electroplate it.


    At the height of the Israeli Arab war in the 60's, One of Syria's generals was in fact a Spy for Israel.


    I don't like what Israel represents in reality today, but you have to admire them. A country with the population of 7.5 million has the entire Arab world of 100 million+ wincing by the balls.

    Don't worry, in the next few days, the Dubai police force will neutralize and disarm Israel. :D

  2. Originally posted by Abu-Salman:



    I have just been notified that the Abu Dhabi medics summoned back my abti due to some light they have never seen before emanating from my deceased inabti; they asked about his lifestyle and practices as this was a phenomenon previously unseen in their career.


    I shall try and investigate, share other thoughts as well...

    You mean his body is glowing? Is this some kind of a joke?

  3. Originally posted by Thankful:

    Zack that is my only point! After 2 decades no complaints have come forward. Even though it has been over a decade that Mr. Samatar was first accused no one else has started up new cases any where else in the world.


    I'll end it with this - the reason why the area's in Somalia that have experienced the most destruction have not come forward is plain and simple. They know once the investigations start up, many people who now hold public office will be prime suspects.

    I refuse to believe that anyone could be this thick.

  4. ^^^^ Explaining things to you is a thankless job, Mr. Thankful. You find this whole Samatar thing repulsive yet you want him and all others prosecuted? Well, somebody already beat you to Samatar. Pick up a catalog of former Somalia strong men from Xiin (he has a spare copy :D ) and select the one you wish to bring a civil suit against. Find out where he lives, contact a local law firm that would file the suit for you pro bono and pursue it all the way to that country's supreme court.


    Don't just dismiss another man's crusade. Make your own.

  5. Originally posted by xiinfaniin:

    The fact it accepted to hear the case does not say much where they will come down on it, Castro.

    Any idea how many cases the Supreme Court hears every year? Less than 2% of cases presented from appellate courts make it to its docket (over 98% are rejected and never heard). I would say it is beyond significant that it decided to hear the Samatar case (despite all its ramifications) but you can interpret the statistics any way you wish. :D


    I find the selective prosecution of Somalia’s former strong men silly.

    Saaxib I'm not sure what you mean by this. This civil lawsuit is a one-man crusade against Samatar. Do you think the accuser was browsing in a catalog of "Somalia's former strong men" and decided to pick this one? Is this what you mean by selective?


    Samatar, the #2 man of Afweyne happens to be in the same country that the accuser sought asylum in. He decides to go after Samatar (the only member of Afweyne's cabinet to live here) for imprisonment and torture he claims were done to him. If Afewyne were alive and decided to live in the US, there would be a lineup of people wanting to sue him.


    So your use of the word selective is difficult to understand. If you are implying that many others deserve to appear in front of a court, in addition to Samatar, no one here disagrees with you. Fill out the paperwork and I'll sign the petition.


    Whether you realize it or not, we're all victims of the likes of Samatar and only because of our apathy do we let them go unpunished. But when someone decides to stop being apathetic, we question their motives and we either go down the pathetic road of clan allegiance and minority clans or worse, call their actions silly.


    Have we not learned anything in 40 years?

  6. Originally posted by Thankful:

    What are you talking about? Riyaale visited Virginia and Washington, a former Siad NSS intelligence officer. Yet was there any protests? Did anyone write letters?

    Did you demonstrate or write letters? Or you just like whining on these boards? No one sued Riyaale for war crimes. Someone sued Samater for war crimes. Son, if you don't understand this, I cannot help you.


    Compared to Samatar's role and rank in Afweyne's government, Riyaale is a spit on the ground.

  7. ^^^^^ Your "president" (lol) is the biggest guulwade and you look down on the others.


    Originally posted by ThankfulSP:

    The million dollar questions has always been, Why are your alleged war criminals being given a green light and being name to public office??

    Atheer you still don't get it. Riyaale doesn't live in Virginia or Maryland. When he retires there, you can sue him.

  8. ^^^^ lol @ tuhmay. Yes, the US Supreme Court knows about Samatar's minority clan membership and based on that, has decided there's little political price to pay for prosecuting him for war crimes. That he's the highest ranking member of Afweyne's military junta to live in the United States has nothing to do with this. :D


    Originally posted by raula:

    I don’t see where you fail to understand let justice prevail to all, and not shed others? Consider it a difference of opinion.


  9. ^^^^ Life sucks, atheer, and then you die. You must be in your twenties to be wishing for fairness and justice. There are no such things.


    Originally posted by Ducaysane:

    Siilaanyo was the head of the snm who attacked a peaceful city in 1988 and i don't see anybody accusing him a war crime. I bet the plaintiffs in this case had traveled from Atlanta to welcome siilayo when he was in DC. you can not pick and choose who is criminal.

    Oy vey!

  10. Originally posted by ThankfulSP:

    That's what annoy's me, it's this disgusting double standard, where people want to see "others" punished but not their own!


    That's why when I read JB, who said "we're doing our job and this is just the beginning."


    He isn't talking about the guys living under his nose, he's not calling for an investigation of Riyaale or other SNM.

    I already told you Samatar will not be punished by the US Supreme court because of the avalanche of cases this will bring but that doesn't mean he's not culpable in what happened in Somalia in the 1980's. And the fact that he's from a "minority" clan is even a more ridiculous reason to think he's innocent.


    By the way, when did the dimwit Riyaale serve as the defense minister of Somalia?


    All I want to see is some fairness. You obviously don't.

    You don't know me like that, atheer.

  11. Originally posted by Libaax-Sankataabte:

    Assassins may regret taking on the Arab world's best police force

    Israel has been molesting the Arab world for at least 6 decades. The Dubai police force could neither restore the lost pride nor level the playing field.


    "Arab world's best police force" kulaha. As if that's saying much. LOL.

  12. ^^^^ Is this place infested with clan mentality or am I hearing tunes from Caden?


    Atheeryal, Mohamed Ali Samatar is facing a civil suit that the Supreme Court of the United States of America decided to hear. Now, you can harp about minority clans, worse warlords, dead men in their graves or what have you but the highest court in the land decided that this case had enough merit to be heard.


    I don't give a shit what you believe or what Samatar or any other wretched war criminal like him did in their capacity as minister or president so take your narrow minded clan bullshit elsewhere.

  13. Originally posted by ThankfulSP:

    Are you trying to say that he is the only person who is alleged to have committed crimes?

    No, but he's the only one living in America and an American citizen has every right to bring a suit against him. That the Supreme Court of the United States decided to hear this case is a triumph in and of itself.


    So dig up Egal from the grave and drag Riyaale from Hargeisa and bring them here. Until then, you're wasting your breath.

  14. Originally posted by ThankfulSP:

    They are going after this man because he is seen as someone that doesn't have organized supporters.

    Actually, "they" are going after this guy because he was the minister of defense and the prime minister from 1980 to 1990, ostensibly a very brutal decade for Afweyne and his cronies such as Samatar.


    And what the hell does "organized supporters" mean? You're not going to sing that lame tune of minority clans, are you?

  15. Originally posted by ThankfulSP:

    You say Morgan is bad, he travels to Kenya all the time, he's there now, you dont voice opposition. Riyaale was part of the NSS, yet he became your leader. Your former President Egaal worked under Siad Barre

    None of those guys live in suburban Washington, DC. And for enjoying all those lattes at Starbucks on Leesburg Pike, the war criminal Samatar should be able to take some heat. Fortunately for him though, the US Supreme Court will not do much regardless of the evidence against him. If it does, a decades long slippery slope of hunting down all the war criminals retired in the US would ensue.

  16. ^^^^ 120 people killed not necessarily armed. When NATO and US soldiers get killed, they call for air support that clears out entire villages with massive bombs from 10,000 ft above. And if you think proportionality, 10-1 ratio for a side that is 100 to 1 or 1000 to 1 out-equipped and out-trained, I would think the Afghans should be pretty happy with the enemy kill ratio.


    The Afghans are at home and liberating their homeland from foreign invasion and occupation. It is the cannon fodder (a.k.a. NATO and US forces) who are paying the ultimate price for hubris.