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  1. Originally posted by Lake Da agony: (1+1)=X & X= any number so (X)=3 (1+1)=3 You lost me there!
  2. Here's a (long) quote from a site just to introduce the topic: The Futile Fugue: Variations on a Theme How many times has this happened to you? The stories remain the same, from the first note you passed in grammar school, to the woman you met through a mutual friend in college: * You meet a girl who is everything you ever wanted in a life-partner: attractive, funny, smart, great personality, laughs at your jokes, understands who you are as a human being, etc. You talk to her briefly, and find out that she is even more attractive now that you've spoken to her. You ask her out. She says to you: "I JUST WANT TO BE FRIENDS" * You meet someone: a neighbor, schoolmate, co-worker, in the same club, on the same bus. You become fast friends. One day, you realize that, in addition to being a close friend, this person is an attractive woman. You ask her out. She says to you: "I DON'T WANT TO RISK OUR FRIENDSHIP" * You meet a girl who you know could be the one. She makes your toes curl, your stomach knot, your mouth dry -- you become even more of a gibbering moron then you usually are. You're so incapacitated in her presence that you can't ask her out. You decide that things will be better once you get to know her better, so you become friends. You become best friends -- so good, in fact, that you can't bring yourself to ask her out. Yet there is this nagging voice in the back of your mind that says you could be more than friends. You swear that you will tell her how you really feel. Right before you can do this, she tells you: "I'VE MET THIS REALLY GREAT GUY" So I'm watching Chris Rock doing a standup routine the other day and he says, "a platonic friend is like a d!ck in a glass. In case of an emergency -- you break the glass." That got me thinking. Have all my friendships with women been a variation of the types mentioned above? Just how long have I been in a glass? Is there a way out? What constitutes an "emergency" in order for this glass to be broken? After a while I realized I have benefited greatly from these friendships. And while no one wants to be around just for emergencies, you know that one day you'll be needed. In more ways than one. Ofleh
  3. the (a-b) cancels out from both sides so…. ........ now say let's say "a" is equal 1 2 = 1 add 1 to both sides… 3 = 1 + 1 simple algebra without changing any rules Thank you for the great proof. However, it is entirely bogus. The (a-b) cancels out implies you are dividing by (a-b) on both sides. Well, then sir, since a = b, that means you're dividing by 0 (zero). The result of the division (by zero) is not determinable. Try it on any calculator. That's where the proof goes to hell. Other than that, great job. Ofleh
  4. [quoteI could prove this if you want me to Go ahead.
  5. Pls don't call me 'dude'. Something in my guts turn 360' as I hate someone to refer me with anything American. 'Dude' is actually a term of endearment. Here's a little history that will help you understand the word and get over that girl that stiffed you at the train station in 'Scandanavia': "A University of Pittsburgh linguist says the use of the word 'dude' among young men is an expression of "cool solidarity." In his scholarly article in the journal American Speech, Scott Kiesling writes that primarily young men use the word 'dude' in such well known expressions as "Dude!" (a greeting), Dude (disgust), "Whoa, Dude!" (sympathy and understanding), and "Lame, Dude" (to one-up someone.) Kiesling writes that young men use the word as part of a cool language which indicates to other young men that they are friends, but not much more than that. Earlier than 1800, the word dude meant ragged, and a scarecrow was often called a dudesman. By the late 1800s, a dude was a man who dressed nicely, or a dandy. The word started becoming cool as early as the 1940s, and was often used to refer to vacationers at fancy ranches. But 'dude' hit its height in the teenage vocabulary when characters in the 1981 movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" used it liberally." Ofleh
  6. I was travelling on the Metro and it was late in the evening, about 23:15hours, the train terminated before my destination. Dude, don't be so paranoid. The fact that it's almost midnight has a lot to do with it. She was probably thinking, Somali or not, that dude better not be coming my way this late at night in a train station. Fear for her safety would be the biggest concern. And just because you're a Somali, does not mean you have no ill intentions. I hope she answered your question regarding the train, since not doing so would be considered rude. Other than that she owes you nada. Not a smile, no conversation, no nothing. And going over to the other side of the platform is a safety measure on her part. Don't take it personal. I hope you enjoyed your trip out there. I hear it's beautiful. Ofleh
  7. Abaay there is nothing wrong with hating jews. Yes there is.
  8. Originally posted by Jason: For some strange reason, all the women I have dated in the past fall into this category. :confused: So what does that say about you?
  9. what benefits can we derive from this story? I see a few lessons in this story. First, ambition and simple life are mutually exclusive. Second, taking a siesta with your wife in the afternoons could get you more kids than you bargained for. Finally, neither a Harvard MBA nor a lot of money can buy happiness. Ofleh ------ "After all these years, I see that I was mistaken about Eve in the beginning; it is better to live outside the Garden with her than inside it without her." .... Mark Twain
  10. Originally posted by Cawralo: Meanwhile, the grooms black relatives (the were really dark) sat at the enterence, they never once left "their spot". When the food was given out, no one brought them bariis and one spoke to them. Walahi I didn't even see them on the actual dancing floor or anything, whilst the white ppl were getting their groove on to "woow woow". It was like the embodiment of white supremacy and black on room, you could see the answer to everything that in wrong with Somalia. Assuming your description is pretty accurate, what have you done to accomodate the "really dark" guests? May be that's all it takes. You know, the herd mentality. All you need is one person who knows better to get the situation straightened. If I was anywhere near that wedding, I'd be hanging out with the "really dark" people. At least I know for sure they know how to dance. White people convulsing on a dance floor is the last spot I'd want to be seen at. Seriously though, that is human interaction at display. A show of arrogance, ignorance, shame, self-loathing and all around narcissism. Just another day at a Somali wedding (or any wedding, for that matter). The blame is squarely on the hands of the bride's family who made no effort to accomadate the groom's family. That Somali family is probably a nasty one to marry into. As for hating Jews, I think it has a lot to do with Islam (or the lack of understanding it). What is really interesting is that the loudest, most obnoxious Somalis are also the most ignorant. Ain't that a b!tch? Ofleh
  11. Originally posted by Abwaan: [QB] New Somalia? Where is the new Somalia we are talking about now? Right where the old one was. By "new", I meant how I percieve it. A "been there, done that" kind of place that has seen it all. War, famine, free market capitalism, Islamic fundemantalism, anarchy, fiefdoms, etc... The Somalia today is nothing like I knew in the past. A more mature, albeit wounded, Somalia. Let us not be naive brothers and sisters but do you think that QABYAALAD will be get rid off soon Probably not. Clannism will still be around. Racism is still rampant in many western countries but it hardly made those societies unliveable. Who is prepared to really work hard to not only look after themselves and their family but also make a positive contribution to the country? You hit the nail on the head. That is the most difficult part. Sacrifice. It's not impossible but it seems overwhelming. "How can I make a difference?" Is this the usual QIIRO that has been occurring in the past 15 years Yep! where whoever thinks can get some posts from an administration back home because someone they are related to is part of the government Huh? If the former regime of Siyaad Barre has taught us anything, it was to be in a position of power to "rape" the country. I think many of us have spent enough time in other countries to learn that there are other, better, ways to make a living. Yes, I agree that some improvements are happening in Somalia BUT a lot needs to be done too. Bingo! Who is going to do this "a lot" of work? These societies we live in have created environments where their children (and everyone, really) can live and prosper. We can't get past the "what has my country done for me lately?". With little sacrifices combined from many, the future is very bright. Just my laba kumi! Ofleh
  12. On many occasions, I wonder if I'd just pack up and move back to Somalia. Living in the west for nearly two decades does take a certain toll on a person not born there. Once You've achieved academic and career success, would you seriously consider leaving this land for good and return home. Obviously, the standard of living we've come accustomed to would instantly dissapear but there would many benefits in return. For example, a less stressful life that involves less competition and more free time to indulge in hobbies you've always wanted. Not to mention simply fabulous weather! Let me know what you think.
  13. Castro

    Ali G Show

    Originally posted by Gediid: [QB] Anyone catch the Ali G show on Hbo? Great show! Almost as good as the Dave Chappelle show. Sometimes even funnier than that. Ofleh
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    Somali London

    There is no point appealing to the feminists amongst you. To deny one's feminism is to deny one's humanity. Good luck appealing to that. It's easy to think of this case as a victim-less crime but that is naive and extremely dangerous. The fact that the perpetrator is Somali is entirely irrelevant as well. Ofleh
  15. While I might be willing to concede the above premise is true, pending verification of the said study, I will state from personal experience that it doesn't really matter what it does for "sperm power" as long as qaad continues to disable the delivery mechanism of such sperm. Cheers, Ofleh "formerly on a regular diet of qaad!"
  16. What's your point, Ofleh ? My point is a reference to your "gullible and obtuse" remark. A hadith narrated by Anas ibn Malik, as stated above, is most questionable by many standards of hadith authentication. I know because I've researched this particular hadith and others many years ago. If anyone's interested, they can do their own search. I'll refrain from providing any links lest I "mislead" anyone. It's very convenient to find a hadith that just so happens to fit the case of the doctored picture. While the alleged punishment in the hadith is not for disrespecting the Quran, but for liking music, dancing and booze, it is nonetheless being used as proof that the picture is authentic. Using the hadith to prove the authenticity of the picture is refered to as argumentum ad verecundiam in the study of logic. Also know as an appeal to authority. In this case, the authority to which the appeal is made is questionable in and of itself. Anyhow, that was my point. May be I elaborated too much here. Thanks, Ofleh
  17. The Sahabah asked, "Then why will such misfortune befall them?" Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) replied, "They will be addicted to dancing and singing girls, and musical instruments. They will consume liquor excessively. Zephyrine, what was that about an obtuse society? Ofleh
  18. Castro

    Somali London

    Our culture is far too strong and our children too wise to be easily infiltrated by these despicable Western practises such as rape, murder and theft. You're not serious, are you? Rape, murder and theft are as common among Somalis as they are any other culture. There's nothing inherent in any culture, other than condemnation, that would stop members of that culture from engaging in these acts. Rape was quite common in Somalia. It was almost never reported, unless severe violence or pregnancy was involved. Why was it not reported? Ours is a paternal culture where men are first class citizens. Second, being a muslim culture, the ability to have extra-marital sexual relationships was limited. Finally, rape is often about power and subjugation and the shame of it lay squarely on the victim. So why would the victims go out of their way to add insult to severe physical and mental injury. I'm glad they caught that criminal and I hope they put him away for a long time. Ofleh
  19. Besides, I don't see the point in linking non-Muslims who abuse the Quran to this topic. Haddad, you're not saying that muslims abusing the Quran are judged by higher standards than non-muslims, are you? Ofleh
  20. Below is a quote that explains why there are diametrically opposite feelings about this. "To the true believer, no proof is necessary. To the non believer, no proof is sufficient." And if I could add, to the semi-believer, any thing goes. Specially girls being turned into rodents for tossing the Quran. What about all the guards who have flushed the Quran down the toilet in camp x-ray, Guantanamo Bay? I don't recall reading about any of them growing kangaroo tails. My point is, it's one thing to have faith in a supreme being and another to believe in religious urban legends. The two are not one and the same thing. In fact, the latter takes away from the former. My laba kumi. Ofleh
  21. Fake! God is not in the business of smiting people. Ciao.
  22. Oh for heaven and earth’s sake, stand by your words. Dude, there was no need for you to have retracted the statement you made. I just admitted my analogy was crude. My point remains the same. Sucking up to the female crowd of this place will get you know where. Hardly a "suck up". I already have a wife and two kids. Not to mention a concubine and a couple of bartenders that depend on me for livelihood. So no suck up. I'm definitely getting my needs met elsewhere. But enough about me, let's keep the party going. Thanks! Ofleh
  23. Ofleh, That self deprecating analysis of your manhood might be heavily influenced by a shortcoming. Possibly. We're all lugging baggage around. It may also be due to my lifetime membership in pro-feminist organaizations. ... however it's still a transparent, lame attempt at knocking your brethren to make yourself look good. Opinions are a beautiful thing. Ofleh
  24. It's even more crude now that I reread it. So, in essence you are saying; those women cannot function without the help of an outside force? And that all a man needs is his two legs to pedal? No. I made a poor attempt at comparing a sophisticated entity to a more inferior one. Referring back to your ‘crude but pretty darn close analogy’, would you be kind enough to tell me, what would be the equivalent of the ‘driving force’ behind a woman, whereas the automobile requires GAS? In hindsight, I made a terrible analogy. Thanks for pointing that out. Women, in my opinion, are the force that drives this world we exist in. In all species. Period. Men are just here as accessories. And that's the best of men. Cheers!