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  1. Thax Moti wallalo to take that poster , wasn't good coz OG_Girl was the actress , my mom did not like that. this one is waaaaaw, Lucky u look so good sweetheart.... congratualation. Moti, thanx for making us happy an intertain us in this very very useful Nomad site or they should close NO point for it dee right ? As Admin's NEW rule was so clear , we have NO space and floodings is agains the rule from now. Thanx Allah... some of Nomads r abusing Us last couple of days ... But as u see Admins r very very aware ..Please let us help each other or that person they BAN will be spoil our Site. peace
  2. Lucky u did not learn nothing, don't make ur self out of nothing? OOuuch did i step ur toe? i know . this is my own opinion , i don't have to agree with OG_Girl or jasmina . peace
  3. LooooooooooooooL OG_Moti adeero loooool just kiddin .. u aren`t 50 fils lool Peace
  4. SalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaM ... how r u ppl .. i hope everyone is Good ee walah leeeeeeeeesh saaaaakteeeeeen Fullah .. ana 3endee FekRaaaaaaah sabbbeee 3aleehoom COLD WATER .. ra7 ye9a7on alReady looool Peace :cool:
  5. Nomad----------------------OG-Moti Auction started at---------12:03 PM 7-29-03 Auction started at---------12:03 PM 7-29-03 Starting bid -------------- 50 Fils LooL Peace
  6. SHAKA ZULU , this is so so so cold peace
  7. looooooool funny words but mine r : 1- naga taag 2- kir 3- na dhaaf wa nawashay 4- get out 5- stupi*d walahi Thats all lol Peace
  8. salam silent sista. ... thats what i told them but they don`t Care lol What should i do ?? and the first one is OG_Girl Peace
  9. lol salaam OG_Girl nice idea .. well i sleeeeep when im bored and be online LooL Peace
  10. Yeah i did when i was inside my mam loool OG_Girl do u remember cadnaan wa liina too ???? loooool walahi all of u r cajoozes .. doqyaaal Peace
  11. This is Odd!! :mad: :mad: who ever made MIZZ UNIQUE mad back off , u Two too old for the girl, and u both harrassing her . That ain't right. PS. OG_Girl wake up we need ur help since u r a lawyer. :mad: Peace
  12. excuse me ppl ?? is dahran in saudia ?? or iran !! :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  13. Waw ... all of u r karateen .. excuse me i mean maykhalef well .. OG_Girl i think i born with u loool KUWaIT City ,, mostashfa alsabax eldoor el 3 qesm elwelaada ghorfa 11 LooooooooooL well i born in kuwait and go to Cidileya when i was 4 then lived in romethya untill 7 then go to ..... my erea lool OG_Girl and still there it means my whole life was in KUWAIT Peace
  14. excuse me ??? is there anytwin named MA_Girl ? lol anyway thats right age is nothing but a numbers (Aaliyah`s song) lol whatever it doesn`t matter if im 15 16 or even 17 well .. i don' know why the girls say im 20 years they r women i hear there voices and they r over 40 they r grandma .. and they say they r 40 Years old and im Still GIRL .. LoooooooL i think they r happy coz they r in 40 and still GIRL ??? and the guys always do what the same so if they say im 25 years and i want to marry a girl that means he is 30 or 40 :confused: Peace