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  1. Absolutely delighted to see the positive vibes going round.. smile.gif


    I cant possibly name all the fantastic folks I have encountered around here but all I can say is that they have been absolutely sweet. It shows that people can have different opinions and still forget their differences and love their bros and sisters.


    Barwaaqo sis much love ;)

    Stay Positive

  2. Great speech....but interpretations defer and many schools of thought would say Jihad has many forms too. I would agree with what he said but he was mainly talking about how its misinterpreted by many Moslems and non moslems. Killing innocent people cant be a jihad wherever it maybe but at the same time one must fight for what is right and rightous. I think the west has got the wrong end of the stick interms of the words interpretation as it is mostly associated with terror.




  4. Manalaa...Heheehhe damn U matched me with Quitestorm. Darling he happens to be another male making it an impossibility as this is pure hetro.... :rolleyes:


    L.F glad that you are hope and well... smile.gif


    Ameenah let me know if she does that :D


    Oh boy ...what did I do? ;)


    Ladies careful now ...No catfights allowed icon_razz.gif

    Oh if you have been matched 3 times with aguy/girl then chances are that you got something in common...why not try to hit on that person n see where it goes loool


    Ohh when I say hit I dont mean go make afull of yourself:)

  5. Looool This is getting more hilarious by the minute. Remember to pass your details to me so I can pass over to the other signficants whichever you may be... Rooster, Bird or Bee or Bull:)

  6. Jesus on awooden bike ... smile.gif : what the hell have I started here hehehehhe....Well I guess it was coming...anyway Cupid if u out there Im game how about it smile.gifsmile.gif .....see thats how the game is played.


    U know what they say "Love sometimes manifests itself through hate" so I suppose there could something about Athena and U know who.

    Indhadeeq I noticed someone trailing me too do u think that could be it? smile.gifsmile.gif : How about U and him?lol.


    Manaala- Well Im still thinking trailing the scent of agood woman:)...U?


    Mataan where the heck do u get your ideas ...hmmm let me see do u have anyone in mind for yourself? Whisper in ma ear so I can "ku kilciyeee" smile.gif


    Wildcat - U certainly go for it but I guess only rip the fruit at the end of the day as most tend to shy away from what they really really want:)


    I think we r on awinner here.....

  7. Im thinking since there are so many lovely guys and girls around here, Why not match make and see who likes who and then maybe setup them up so they can get hitched.


    What do U think folks? I must be boonkers to even suggest that hehehheheh

  8. Nubian Queen lool well such is life sis. The only problem though is that they were too arrogant about it and you could imagine when they got dumped out many of us were laughing just bse they used to take the mick out of others.


    Ohhh poor Italians too got their Arivaduchiiees today... smile.gif GREAT FOR England.

  9. Front Page should be changed back to what it used to be. The Icon that used to show when someone is online or not should be brought back. Instant PM has also been removed now that was a superb and easy to use feature. smile.gif

  10. Afew years in jail, two expensive devorces, lousy trainers/bloodsuckers and too many lawsuits have obviously taken their toll. Having said that I dont think Lewis fought fair as he was holding Tyson all the way instead of exchanging some much needed cool punches. I cant believe I stayed all night for that fight.

  11. Having seen alot of Users making suggestions on different threads, I thought perhaps this section would serve the forum users better and would help as a section for suggestions and improvements for our sight. So if you have anything to suggest, please do make it here.

  12. Thanks for your watchfulness.....remember what I said and I quote....."….... as I cant see anyone trying to answer your question, I thought perhaps I should take a gamble. Should you find this unconvincing please don’t blame me as I’m not Economist...." Now if you read btn the lines you would know it wasnt me who wrote that rather a closer answer to what the gentleman requested for besides one is allowed to quote and no this is not an essay rather just a discussion hence your respose. I would also suggest that since you so artistic and probably roam around for copyright infringements, I would suggest you try to help out and answer the user. You would be much more help.