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  1. Ahlaaaaaann wasaahlaaan...


    Sis as always you abright star wherever you are. I do know that alot of people would be so pleased to meet you (moi Included) and share the knowledge that emanates from all the time.


    Libaax - Kammoooonn now waxa layiri...waax la qariyaaa quruun ba kujiraaa....Im sure the languists here would appreciate my mahamaadaa....however,I do know acertain JINI who would even come up with a better one. He happens to fancy all the sisters who not only live down his street but the world atlarge sxb ma sidaas ayaa u gacmoo deertahaay?


    Abdinuur on the other hand is arealist unlike some of us he prefers more reality than virtuality he wants to hit home:):


    I still wanna meet ya all...cause the sisters have aloooooot to provide and the brothers aloooot to share ;)

    Yakheeee MMA hurdooo kudiishaay nagaaa amuus :D

  2. Words of Wisdom?


    Money is not everything...

    There's Mastercard & Visa!


    One should love animals...

    They are so tasty!


    Save water...

    Shower with your girl friend!


    Love thy neighbor...

    But don't get caught!


    Behind every successful man, there is a woman...

    And behind every unsuccessful man, there are two!


    Every man should marry...

    After all, happiness is not the only thing in life.


    Wise men never marry...

    And, when they marry they become *otherwise*.


    Children in backseats cause accidents...

    Accidents in backseats cause children!


    "Hard work never killed anybody..."

    But why take the risk!


    "Work fascinates me!"

    I can look at it for hours!!


    God made relatives...

    Thank God we can choose our friends.


    The more you learn, the more you know...

    The more you know, the more you forget!

    The more you forget, the less you know...

    So... why learn?!


    Love is photogenic...

    It needs darkness to *develop*!

  3. The British capital is more eclectic and electric than it’s been in years. Newsweek hailed London as a “hip compromise between the non-stop newness of Los Angeles and the aspic-preserved beauty of Paris—sharpened to New York’s edge.” Wine Spectator proclaims more modestly: “The sun is shining brighter in London these days.”

    Most of you folks haven’t given London the respect and critique it deserves other a few here who have pinpointed some specific areas of interest like Parking which is true to a certain extent. The rest have nothing to say about London as their time was merely spent in a small ghetto known as Southhall which in itself interesting just by standing in a corner and observe all the Faraaxs n Xaliimos you can take with your eyes.

    There is no way you can enjoy you can enjoy the vigour of London by just visiting places like Southhall and Wembley which are commonly associated with Somalis. It’s a well known fact that Somalis are only adventures when it comes to looking for pastures for their animals but when it comes to finding about new things and new adventures. It’s not even easy for a Somali to try out New Xalaal foods other than the famous CAAD IYO CANO? Most of the negatives one just came to their relatives and were probably muzzled and leashed for the duration of their stay in London.

    Granted that the city is a wee bit polluted and Naqasakaa Istiik on you but then London has other faces that most of the Somalis haven’t yet set their eyes on. I would advice anyone who visits London to visit a friend who is off work and willing to take them around to the wonderful

    For the galadaaa , the sounds of Brit-pop and techno pour out of Victorian pubs; experimental theatre is taking over stages built for Shakespeare’s plays; upstart chefs are reinventing the bland dishes British mums made for generations; and Brits are even running the couture houses of Dior and Givenchy. For the Moslems, food, Diin, Mosques, Madrasa, Islamic fashion, film, Ruwayadaa, the visual arts, and just about everything else, London at the dawn of the 21st century stands at the cutting edge cultural mix.


    One of the New York papers wrote “The city of London is like a great wheel, with Piccadilly Circus at its hub and dozens of communities branching out from it….”. Since London is such a conglomeration of sections, each with its own personality, first-time visitors might be intimidated until they get the hang of it. Many visitors spend all their time in the West End, where most of the attractions are, with the exception of that part of the city known


    Discovering London and making it your own can be a bit of a challenge, especially if you have limited time. Even in the 18th century, Daniel Defoe found London “stretched out in buildings, straggling, confused, out of all shape, incompact and unequal; neither long nor broad, round nor square.” The actual City of London proper is 1 square mile of very expensive real estate around the Bank of England. All of the gargantuan rest of the city is made up of separate villages, boroughs, and corporations—each with its own mayor and administration. Together, however, they add up to a mammoth metropolis.

  4. Loool True Bro Mobb- Im asmall fish compared to them man. I play the game but not so brave that Im willing to lose the roof over ma head....perhaps the brother should get some pointers from the professionals not that Im one lol. As amatter of fact I just lost ma ticket to Africa over some silly investment. smile.gif

  5. Swahili Poem


    Kazi ni wajibu wetu

    Nashika yangu kalamu, maoni nipate toa

    Huku nimetaka damu, mada kwa Wasomali

    Wale wote wahitimu, elimu zote dunia

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Kuna waodiriki, kusema kazi ni wito

    Mwalimu mshika chaki, pamoja nao mfuto

    Anasema kwa hakiki, pia kwenda kwa minato

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Hakika ninatambua, wito ni kwa kuitika

    Wito si kazi najua, ninasema kwa hakika

    Daktari atanambia, eti wito kaitika

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Hata naye bwana shamba, atadaia na wito

    Pande zote anatamba, kumbe anacho kipato

    Namuona fundi bomba, anasema ana wito

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Ikiwa kazi ni wito, ya nini kurandaranda

    Londoni, New York, hadi Eastleigh,

    binadamu unakwenda wapi

    Ni nani amekuita, ikiwa kazi ni wito.


    Huko kote ndugu huna, kama unaye bandia

    Ni shida imekubana, kisa umekimbilia

    Riziki kitu mwanana, umekwenda tafutia

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Wito kweli siyo kazi, ni kujitoa mhanga

    Kazi kipato azizi, sikilizeni malenga

    Wa Seatle hadi TO, Ottawa na Ohio

    Kazi wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni.


    Watawa na makasisi na mabruda kadhalika

    Wasema bila utani, wito wanao hakika

    Fani zao ni unesi, na ualimu hakika

    Pia wanavyo vipato, kwa Rabi wameitika.


    Sisi sote tuna kazi, wito kwetu ni kidogo

    Hakuna cha kijakazi, mbeba bure mizigo

    Sote ni wafanya kazi, hata kubeba magogo

    Kazi ni wajibu wetu, watu wote sikieni

  6. Binadamu na Kompyuta


    Kwa siri yake mtungi, aijuaye ni kata,

    Na nyumba bila msingi, utapasuka ukuta,

    Kila palipo na wengi, na mambo ya yatambata,

    Kugunduliwa kompyuta, binadamu hana kazi.


    Binadamu hana kazi, kugunduliwa kumpyuta,

    Si fumbihili ni wazi, wala si ndoto kuota,

    Kugunduliwa kompyuta, binadamu hana kazi.


    Vidato utapitia na cheti utakipata,

    Kwa madhumuni na nia, ajira kutafuta,

    Patupu taambulia, au kama siyo kusota,

    Kugunduliwa kompyuta, binadamu hana kazi.


    Daima unapotwanga, ni lazima kupepeta,

    Kutenga chuya na chenga, ungo utaukamata,

    Hapa ukishaboronga, mchele hataupata,

    Kugunduliwa kompyuta, binadamu hana kazi.


    Kuadimika ajira, kwa wasomi ni ukata,

    Makubwa yake madhara, binadamu kumkuta,


    Ni faida na hasara, kompyuta imeshaleta,

    Kugunduliwa kompyuta, binadamu hana kazi.


    Sematini, N. Sematin (Sauti ya Bembea),

  7. Its the Somali way to stare...**Tongue in cheeck*** Im sure even the player himself stares. The only difference here is for how long? Remember most of these people are still new to the New world. The question here tho. is ...what is it that they are staring at? earings XX on the back of ya head, the way you walk or is it just the dress sense? There has to be something that makes them stare otherwise what would be their interest in staring at afellow man?

  8. Jamal – “……and i had chunk of food stuffed in my mouth. My eyes were poping out like…” Bro you were lucky it wasn’t abig chunk of meat or you would have been pulled out of there by an ambulance..J Hey never joke about marriage some pple wouldn’t find it a joke. Well coined lol


    MMA – kixkixkixkixkix fiiq fiiq fiiiiiiiqq…..Man was it the cutting teeth that they run away from or what? Now bro next time don’t use deception for you might get more than you deserved in this case it was only dacaaas, biyo kuleel, dharbaaxo yaa Carab hoo qabso, qanjaruufo.

    Bro all is well over here and I just lost a lot as aresult of the upheavals of stocks. Now Im bankrupt, wouldn’t want another feer iyo qanjaruufo from you tooJJ


    Deeqa – Walalo deeqa I wouldn’t dislike someone I liked just bse of the way they dressed. You said “i really liked his voice was soo good then he asked me to see each o ther and we both agreed to meet ,,,,,guess what he was not bad but the way uu u labisnaay ws realy discusting..” You would have been better off trying to help the guy by talking some sensible dress code which Im sure he would have done for ya.


    Blossom – Glad that you are ready to offload the guy off to Rocks place. However, Im not sure what you meant by you might grab the puke bucket when you hear those words.. “you might grab the puke bucket when you hear those words..” was that another way of suggesting that the guy wasn’t the dish he was meant to be n just puke??


    Well as for the biz - its nothing much just some game we play around the stocks. A bit risky as you know but its well worth learning and at times one could easily make some good dosh.


    Magnoona - hehehehehe well now what the hell happened with old geet? Poor fella he didnt know what hit him. Even the friendship was withdrawn lool. Oh goossh


    Guys/Girls keep them coming ….Im sure there are more stories to tell..

  9. Shyhem or whatever you call yourself We do have some protocals around here and do respect each other in this neighbourhood. So please refrain from your ill mannered obscenities and go do some research on how to behave in a civil manner and live among the elites. Small minds arent part of my interest and boy do you show it.

  10. Nomadic - Somalis are mostly nomadic or semi-nomadic herders, some are fishermen, and some farmers. Old traditions stated that other mundane jobs like metal workers, hair dressers as lowly jobs and done by only the lower class of people. Somalia is composed of a single, homogeneous ethnic group. Although Somalis may differ in nuances of local lifestyle, they share a uniform language, religion, and culture, and trace their heritage to a common ancestor.


    Social Norms - Many social norms are derived from Islamic tradition, and thus may be similar to other Islamic countries. The common way to greet someone is to say salaam aleikum (roughly translated as "God bless you") and to shake their hand


    Religion - Almost all Somalis are Sunni Moslems. For those who practice Islam, religion has a much more comprehensive role in life than is typical in the West. Islam is a belief system, a culture, a structure for government, and a way of life. Thus in Somalia, attitudes, social customs, and gender roles are primarily based on Islamic tradition.


    Dress Code - Somali women wear veils to cover their faces, but few do in the U.S. as they find this a difficult custom to adhere to in American society. Pants are not a generally accepted form of attire for women, but may be worn under a skirt. The traditional women’s dress is called a hejab, and the traditional clothing for a man is called a maawis. Just as negligee is used in the West as a sexy form of dress, so is the Diraac .


    Weddings – A wedding usually has a few processes…Shukaansi, accept each other and then Doon the girl from her folks. Once the family accepts the proposal, the man has to pay what is known as Yaraad and Nikaax which is an Islamic of joining the two love birds together as man and husband takes place. A wedding date is set to take place and either a mixture of traditional n western takes place or just a one sex session takes place depending on how the bride and groom plan it. Weddings often take place in expensive hotels for prestige purpose and public consumption.


    Marriage - Marriages can either be arranged or be a result of personal choice. The common age of marriage is around 14 or 15 years old. Men who can afford to do so, may have up to 4 wives, as is customary in Islamic tradition. However, not all wealthy men exercise this option. In urban areas, a man with multiple wives provides separate homes for his different families. Whether these families interact or not depends on the preference of the individuals involved.


    Family Structure - There are several main clans in Somalia and many, many sub clans. In certain regions of the country a single sub clan will predominate, but as the Somalis are largely nomadic, it is more common for several sub clans to live intermixed in a given area. Membership in a clan is determined by paternal lineage. Marriage between clans is common. When a woman marries a man of another clan, she becomes a member of that clan, though retains connection with her family and it's clan. Living with extended families is the norm.


    Child Bearing - Child bearing usually commences shortly after marriage. A woman's status is enhanced the more children she bears. Expectant and newly-delivered mothers benefit from a strong network of women within Somali culture. An herb called malmal is applied to the umbilicus for the first 7 days of life. When a child is born, the new mother and baby stay indoors at home for 40 days, a time period known as afatanbah. Female relatives and friends visit the family and help take care of them. Breastfeeding is the primary form of infant nutrition. It is common to breastfeed a child until 2 years of age. Supplementation with animal milks (camel, goat, cow) early in the neonatal period is common.


    Namings - Somali names have three parts. The first name is the given name, and is specific to an individual. The second name is the name of the child's father, and the third name is the name of the child's paternal grandfather. Thus siblings, both male and female, will share the same second and third names. Women, when they marry, do not change their names. By keeping the name of their father and grandfather, they are, in effect, maintaining their affiliation with their clan of birth.


    Drugs – Qat, (also spelled khat, chat, kat) is a mild stimulant used by some Somali's. It is derived from fresh leaves from the catha edulis tree. When the leaves are chewed, the active stimulant ingredient, cathinone, is released. Qat is felt to make ones thoughts sharper and is often used in conjunction with studying. It is only used by men, and it's use is more common in Northern Somalia and the Ogaden.


    Death - When a person is terminally ill, it is considered uncaring for a physician to tell them or their family that they are dying. It is acceptable to describe the extreme seriousness of an illness. When a death is impending, a special portion of the Koran, called yasin, is read at the bedside. Burials are often done communally and in an Islamic manner.


    Doctors - Somali traditional medicine is practiced by "traditional doctors" who are usually older men of the community who have learned their skills from older family members. They are especially adept at treating hepatitis, measles, mumps, chicken pox, hunch-back, facial droop, and broken bones. Cures used include, fire-burning, herbal remedies, casting, and prayer. Traditional doctors are also responsible for helping to cure illnesses caused by spirits. Somalis have a concept of spirits residing within each individual.


    Circumcision - Circumcision is universally practiced for both males and females. It is viewed as a rite of passage, allowing a person to become a fully accepted adult member of the community. It is commonly viewed as necessary for marriage, as uncircumcised people are seen as unclean. Most Somalis, especially those from the cities, have had at least some experience with Western-style medicine. Almost without exception, however, Somali's associate nurses, doctors, and hospitals with ill-care. The concept of using the medical system to keep people healthy, such as with routine prenatal care and well child care, is unfamiliar.


    Aroma - Frankincense is an aromatic gum resin from trees of the genus Boswellia, which grow in Somalia and southern parts of the Arabian peninsula. These is used by Somalis for great aromas in the house and for the women and sometimes processed as Unsii. One of the great features of a great house flavour after a marriage. It is used as an ingredient of incense, perfumes and some fumigants. If one is walking the street then you are bound to know that there is a Somali lady somewhere infront or around the neighbourhood just by the flowing/trailing sweet smell. smile.gif

  11. Abdinuur- Interesting story though Im sure you didnt get the flow of thread somehow. Im sure you didnt read the request for cyber rather than real life. All the same it was hilarious and cost me anice giggle smile.gif


    Kat - Sis that was really heartbreaking for the poor fella. The least you could have done was aknowledge the poor mans existence and not blow him totally away like you did. I for one wouldnt have done that as Im sure it would have divasted me. But then again some pple r harder than others.


    Shyhem - Whatever you are on about brother, this is not a debate rather just what the post says and that is sharing stories. You should atleast aknowledge others stories least you believe or you dont believe what they say.


    Blossom - Well atlast aheart warming story. Just be aware of Rock shes after ya buddy. Be nice and give her the email:) smile.gif


    I do have loadsa stories including how I found avery close sister I didnt know existed b4. smile.gifsmile.gif


    Xalimoss- If that guy had aheart attack you would have been responsible for triggering it off

  12. Fuad here is one of the many stories and Ahlaan sis thanks alot for sharing your story and that was pretty much understandable and comes out as a frightening experience.


    About 5 years I happened to be playing around what is called Mirc. This is achat and usually downloaded to your computer you get to chat. So one evening while working, I bumped into this fella who was doing his research somewhere in a University around this world. Wel we started to chat and We kinda got along and the more we chatted the more we had alot in common. So to cut the story short I invited him to come visit my city which he did and he liked the place. We started talking about the different interests we had and finally came to common ground about starting some business together. That we did and Im glad to say its 4yrs now since we started working together and we are striking regardless and thriving very much.

  13. Salaams Haniif....Bro I think its a wonderful idea and We could share all kinds of files including system files, MPegs, other kinds of audios and virtually everything. The problem though is, do we have enough space to accomodate that should the files overwhelm us?.

  14. Salaams Haniif....Bro I think its a wonderful idea and We could share all kinds of files including system files, MPegs, other kinds of audios and virtually everything. The problem though is, do we have enough space to accomodate that should the files overwhelm us?.

  15. Guys watch out for tomorrows (Saturday) friendly games ....Arsenal V Munique....Man U V Ajax and Lpool V Real


    So for those who are footie fans make sure u got adate with those games.....You will certainly get afeel for the new boys and who is going to be the best in the premiership n Europe

  16. MMA - Walahi you just cracked me up bruv....Dankiiss feeri much for that and yeah you got acase against the 2 wonderful pair.


    I just looked at the link and was suprised to see the poems where more of songs of love in different languages than poems hehehheehhe ferii nice indeed:) I for one didnt know there some poetic justice happening out in poetry but today managed to have a peek interesting posts and replies from the 2 hearts of gold.


    Nuune- Haye do you think there is aneed for Xaaal?