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  1. Nur ..Salam first. The best solution to create a better somalia is to fix and change all the lost Faarah's out there. Behind every great man is a greater woman. So since she has: 1. A Very High IQ ( based on our accademic accomplishment) 2. A High Moral Character ( Never to consider other alternatives) 3. A Highly Educated ( To Keep Us Busy) 4. A High Income ( Compared To avaerage Faarax) 5. A Highly Committed to Our Faith (Active In Community Centers). ....She can use this gift that God bestowed on her and help her future (lost, uneducated,)hubby out, that needs to be constantly self-motivated. If society didnt change her until today ( living in the west) bro ....nothing will...not even her husband. But she is capable of change. Sharing 1 Man will not only cause emotional damage and constant qaylo for the poor faarax but also financial problems. She can be educated and making more than her husband but one day she will have kids forcing her to stay home. Now how many rich faraax's are out there today who can happily support 2 or more Xalimos?? ... i'll count with 1 hand Thats my 2 filis :rolleyes:
  2. Hello Nomads Im looking for a Computer science graduate with progamming skills ( C and Visual Basics...VB mostly ). You should also have some basic electronics background. If you are or someone you know living in Canada ( Toronto or willing to move ) and desperately looking for experience please let me know. The pay is not great but the experience is rewarding. If you need more info don't hesitate to private me. Deadline end of Feb. Salam
  3. lol@ Thaqaafi .. i laughed at the title. Wilaad el Abalsa. Killing the name like that. I dont need the subtitles ..where can i get the film in north america.
  4. Yeniceri Nagging?? Women nag, men whine. Now who wants a whinning somali man ? No woman wants that. I guess it goes both ways. Xoogsade Cooking?... Come on i met enough men that yes live away from their families and prefer cooking than dining out. Dont you all get sick of resturants? I do. God bless diaspora for teaching somali men how to live alone and cook for themselves. Girls...the chances of you finding men that cook for you is alot higher than a decade ago . Alla-ubahne I mean modern day romance. If you are brave enough to share it then please do. Cano geel Physical appearance and food is not romance.... try and be more specific cause thats nothing to do with romance. Consideration, confidence, and a lot of TLC! Jawazay ...is that romance or is that your turn ons! lol 1)do as you are told 2) cook good food with variety 3)Make sure one can look at you when one gets home 4)make sure all my clothes are cleaned and ironed 5)Never Nag 6) and finally always be ready to give it up [big Grin] [big Grin] Mr Orgilaqe .... they were selling robots that do that in japan ...why dont you go purchase one. If this is a somali mans definition of romance...i need to get over my shock. :eek: ç Let me see how many men agree to this. Ahura sis i was doing some research. Understanding the somali mans mind. Thanx for wipping Mr O Foxy eeheheh why dont you place an AD. Im sure few non somalies will fit your needs and a very unique one of a kind ...might be extinct somali man. Katrina Im still waiting for a reply that doesnt contain looks, food or nagging. We will see. I have hope. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :rolleyes:
  5. I was reading this article on msn on what men in general find romantic. Some of what they mentioned was very obvious others took me by surprise. Many somali women will tell you "Somali man" and "Romantic" can never go together or fall on the same sentence. So my curiosity led me to ask our fellow somali brothers in SOL. How do you define Romance? I apologise if this topic was abused before but maybe you changed over the years and became less or more romantic. Notice im asking "What" not "Why" . Cheers!
  6. I love my hair my dear .. Godforbid we have Churo hair like blacks. But cant deny Arabs and indians have exceptionally beautifully hair. You know what i mean girls. Are you blind MM.....ow .. i forgot your a guy . What do you know? :rolleyes:
  7. I MADE IT ... I MADE IT ... I MADE IT ... IM OFFICIALLY A NOMAD.....I almost died in that filthy alien spaceship. Sorry to rub it in Uma .. but it took me a yearand a half ...ehehehe .... I feel good and i look good... Ok .. what are my rights now ??? Can i kick some butt??? :mad:
  8. 49 ............... * Takes a 2 minute break and drinks water * One more..... One more...... I can see te finish line ... Will i make it ....
  9. Ok .. im walking .. im walking .. gosh im sweating ... i reached 48 now .. *puff* *puff* 2 more .... You can do it Jomaana...
  10. Uma .. i know how u feel sis .. im 4 posts away from 50 and i have a feeling if i dont jump on it now .. and use your thread to my benefit and help myself i will be back in a year and leave this matter hanging ..so here it goes. Now .. im 47
  11. Me dont like hairy men.... :rolleyes: Thank god we are not Arabs ...or indians . Maybe god didnt bless us with their hair texture but i rather live with african hair any day of the week than facial hair that needs a deadly wax job. This is one funny story though ..made my day!
  12. Gotta get this movie ....sounds interesting!
  13. Hmmmmm A guy after my $$$$$????? Why didnt i think about that ? I thought my passport being the only plus ...( To non-Americans) I thought about physical appearance being the only plus....( To every man in this planet) Now why didnt i think about my Bling bling being the only thing?? ..... :rolleyes: Hmmmm ... Where is the love ?
  14. Ahura you should have just told her its not on my job description.
  15. Give Nur's threads a chance sis. You will learn to admire and respect the brother. About somali men, forget dating i'm contemplating marrying one..why ...is it not fashionable nowadays ? Rowda... marriage itself is not easy ...why make it even more complicated by considering a man from a different culture ? I have nothing against a non-somali man but a nomad is my preferance. Im not going to steal katrina's thread but thats my 2 cents.
  16. In my school the women were very good looking ...i dont know which schools you went to fellas and what you considered attractive or not. But i can tell you this much about guys in eng... they get uglier, chubbier, dirtier and rude as hell in 4 years. Its amazing how they change. Darwin's theory but in reverse...eheheheeheheh
  17. I agree with libaax. Great to know you're Electrical too Katrina. I know few females mostly in civil and chemical. Hardly any electricals :confused: . So congrats for choosing a fun fun fun program. Dont you just love it especially when nothing works and debugging a program or troubleshooting takes a month or more and you wonder why didnt you take nursing or became a full-time mom..loooool Are you a student or are you working in the field?
  18. lol Castro....you can say that. psssst dont tell my parole officer SOL is addictive...so im trying to stay sober or else there will be all kinda project delays and my behind wont be warm sitting in this comfortable chair. Instead it would be cold sitting on the concrete floor of my building along with my desk belongings. Godforbid :rolleyes: First of all wlc to SOL Rowda Secondly OUCH that hurts. My dear sis, you could have avoided accumulating all that hate if you just applied all the math laws you learned in school. They can be applied in real life believe me. You can refer to E-Nuri's posts. Calculate right, set the rules of the game (make him follow it) and be 1 or 2 steps ahead of the him.
  19. Che: Wallahi im not hating on my somali brothers... i have greats friends but i was refering to the few that i unfortunately met. Btw ...Done school yet ? Castro...how are u bro? Dont ask me why am back! Kat: lol... i agree with you. But seriously speaking doesn't having all that mean that the guy is doing something right? I mean com'on hard work pays off and Africans in general are never shy to show it Electrical Sis...How about you?
  20. I personally would give you top ten reasons why not to date one. Many somali men develop a superiority complex. The best part that i personally enjoy is when you drop a bomb on them and tell them you are one too. Watch them sweat, get nervous and drop everything around them. Clumsy i tell ya. What a sight though! I gurantee you will laugh all the way home. So enjoy ladies.
  21. Just curious. How many women here would ask their future husband that before marriage?