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  1. True love, I believe exits before and after marriage. I also believe that there is no one definition for what true love is. To me thought love is when I am in a relationship (friendship with intent for marriage)and that is the man who is man who is my best friend. and these are the criterias... honesty, commitment, laughter, trust, fairness, physical attraction, mental attraction, happiness, letting down owns' guard, and sharing and consideration, etc.. you get the point.
  2. If I could re-write history I would educate my people about igonorence of qabiil (hope I spelled it right. Because of it, that is why we are nomads today. I would make women be a rulers of their societies. Becuase women are nurturers, if women became presidents there would be no wars. I would cut out globalizations, ya'll know who benefits from that...America. Also, I have to be true to my profession. I would teach social science in teh university level back home. We all know we can use a little therapy, specially since the civil war. ------------------ My peace and blessings be with you.
  3. My answer to the writer is that I am not black..I am not white..I am not Yellow...I am simply Somalian, and if someone doesn't know where Somalia is I am African. I don't like the word BLACK, it has negative meaning. Think about it for a second, everything that is black is negative...when something is dirty its black, when the stock market is down its called BLACK Tuesday...when a child of a family is causing a lot of problems he/she is called the BLACK Sheap, The contenet of Africa is referred to by some ast the DARK contanent, when something is ugly it is referred to as being BLACK. I do not associate any of the above negative conitations. I am A beutiful, Somalian-African Queen. I love everything that is African, the hundereds of culture, values, the streights of AFricans who have gone through so much and still emerace everyday with hope and hard work. I relate more to an African because the color of my skin complement well with other AFricans,then with an ASian, I also share a believe system with the people that look like, just as much as I share with Arabs. peace and blassings ------------------ My peace and blessings be with you.
  4. Indeed to my knoweldege the divorce rate amongst somalians are increasing. There are a large population of Somali single mothers. All though my thoughts don't have a significant research backup, I would like to think the reason for the increase in single parenting is because of lack of communication and respect. First lets address communication. Somalians by culture aren't very expressive with thier emotions. In tradition, when two people get married they each assume thier prescribed role in the relationship without any questions and further requests. Now more and more women have the oppertunity to be equally educated and employed and therefore, the wives aren't communicating their change of role in the marriege system. Thus, husbands aren't understanding why the wive they married are not the same women laying next to them.THe change in moving into a foreign country are not disccused on how it changes the marriege system, but rather expereinced. We have to remember exprencing is not communicating. We can all expreince the samething, but we will not know how that makes us feel if we aren't talking and communicating about them. Now lets talk about respect. IN our culture far too many people get married for convience, wheather it be money, tribe relations, parents request or advice, etc..So some women accept their maritial status for a while, untill they can't take it anymore. Once, reality kicks back in, respect flies out of the window. thus, who would want to be married into a relationship where is no respect. Besides, now women realize that they can accomplish just as much as their male counterpart, so being married for convience is no longer a must, but a rather a minimal part of their lives. peace and blessings.
  5. Salaam my brothers and sisters... I totally agree with the sister who wrote this informative poam b/c everyday, the idiot box in which corporate America pays for lies to people all over the world. Some people believe whatever CNN put out there. My final thought is America is the most evil of evil when it comes to People of color, especially Afircans, and muslims..Equality my behind...
  6. AIDS is a horrible disease and my heart goes out to anyone who has it, wheather gaal, muslim, adults and children, men and women. I took a graduate course about the effects of AIDS, and the reason why most people who have AIDS are Africans is because lack of education. We Africans including somalians are very neive to thinking that it only happens to "bad" people, such as intervenus drug users, and people who have work in the sex industry. But now a days, anyone who has had sex weather married or not is at risk. Children, whome their mother carry the disease at risk. And to comment on nomads who think that you can get AIDS through blood transfusion and dental care...the risk their is very minimum becasue since the discovery of the HIV virus 20 years ago, blood is tested for HIV amongest other blood born diseases to minimize the risk of infecting HIV. MY advice to Somalians is that if your married be monogamus with your husbands and wives and if you feel like your desiring someone else get a devorse. For those of you who might be having premerital sex protect yourself every and each time. Those who might be sharing needles for drug use, there are programs out there called syrenge programs, they are vans that provide HIV education and free needles so that people don't share needles. and Brothas take care of your sistas as science and satistics have stated it is easier for men to give the virus to women so have a heart. Peace and progress my people.
  7. I would leave my huspand if he were to date another women let a long marry one