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  1. mashallah gozbebegim adina cok sevendim as always. May it be a blessed union rock on.
  2. wooooow walal I was so pained by all the images, thanks
  3. heheheeh yeah men labeling women off the bat but making such shallow demands when themselves aren't worth looking at....how does a tall skinny beauty get hitched to a short balding broke guy with no edu or culture mmmmhhh we should all aim within our league then maybe there will be less heartbreaks.
  4. heheheeh thank you dear cynical....I feel the stirring of love and hope to get a full blown fourth of July situation....I just hope i live to tell about it
  5. Men don't have the stamina for domestic chores but expect women to do that and more lol, what irony considering they have a larger muscle bulk, men would always find ways to wiggle out of any situation. kids and career.....can super mom have it all, maybe we should choose either one of these....I hate to clutter life.
  6. I hope love exist I want it to exist and I believe it does, don't burst my bubble y'all...
  7. work or family it seems the lady has to make this sacrifice yet the baby is a joint venture, some women are really well educated and their career prospects outshine their Faraxs so let the the hubby have a career change n look after the kids, they will grow up n he can go back to his flexible taxi job....
  8. hhehehe so true welcome to the US and A WAWAWIWAH
  9. taksim

    Somali Women

    the ladies have outdone themselves WAWAWIWAH
  10. nurses we need you more than ever.....its also counted as a premed degree so that if you wanna you can go ahead to med school and that is what my pal did. support the one who has the guts to take on the challenge....dealing with sick people who are depressed and anxious needs a strong humane personality.