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    Hehhee... you crack me up NGONGE. this is the first thread i've read in ages and its eerie how you're very first post explained to the T how i'm feelin right now..I feel better just knowing I'm not alone out there lol. p.s-you eva find out if that spit on your shoes
  2. I think the only person who'se making any sense in this forum is BILAAL. There's absolutely nothing wrong with studying Law, as along as you are moral and ethical about it. Now most of you are looking at the negative aspect of law, what we mostly see on T.V. Beyond that, most of us have very limited knowledge as to what Law entails. It has sooo many domains, not only the Criminal Court aspect. I was speaking with a Law student not too long ago (I was considering studyin it myself, but the hours and the stress-level definitely turned me off). She mentioned that only about 10% of all lawyers actually work in courts. So exactly what do the other 90% do? They work in property, tort, family, commercial, etc, aspects of the law. In this country, where the Muslims are under-represented, we definitely need some in those fields. Those areas doesnt scream HARAAM to me..or maybe I'm jus westernized? :rolleyes: Yeah...thats the simplest answer we Somalis come up with to dismiss something lol....inshallah, we'll outgrow it...someday.
  3. MaLikah

    Black Woman

    This poem kind of reminds me of Maya Angelou's "Phenomenal Woman". For all the butiful black sistahs..enjoy! The fullness of my lips Curvature of my hips Straight down my back then dip That pretty brown round Going down, down I am a black woman The texture of my hair Do I dare go there? Relaxed or naturally kinky I can't please society Short, long or braided Still I am hated I am a black woman The manner in which I speak Out spoken, never meek Articulate slang How I do my thang Label it Ebonics yet EVERYONE is on it I am a black woman My lover my friend Stick by me till the end Break offs hella propa sho nuff a show stoppa My struggle you can back For you are my man black I am a black woman Written by Chanel Vann Tillman
  4. This is by far my favourite Malcolm X quote. I came across it ages enjoy y'all. "It's just like when you've got some coffee that's too black, which means it's too strong. What do you do? You integrate it with cream, you make it weak. But if you pour too much cream in it, you won't even know you ever had coffee. It used to be hot, it becomes cool. It used to be strong, it becomes weak. It used to wake you up, now it puts you to sleep."
  5. Well- I'm about to get into that sserious study mode soon as Eid is over. When I get into that zombie mode-- I jus chat for a few..for take a nap. Yea..the nap usually does the trick folks. I think its the lucky charm.
  6. Lol- great suggestions Sofie- but did u forget our men are SOMALI? Damn I feel sorry for us.. **looking around for that cute cadaan boy**
  7. Since its winter...hmm, **scratching my head*** TRINIDAD N TOBAGO.
  8. Ahaha..I like tha POQUITO PAQUITA one..I was strugglin for a minute there. Lol..Nuune, you are sooo cute. I like that.
  9. There was an incident in Montral a lil' while ago I believe. A muslim girl was expelled for wearin the hijaab. At the same time tho, they wouldnt let a Jewish boy attend the school for wearing his religious headpiece
  10. Speaking of stress, I've got an exam tomorrow and a physics wednesday. Amazing how you can sit in class every other day- and drown out half of wha the professor is talking about lol. Stress can't live with it and definitely can live without it. Off to study--------
  11. Faithful Muslim...sounds to me like it's kind of meant to bring out our faults than to motivate us to be better hijabi sisters. Jabarti- care to clarify for the confused?
  12. Ok..I'm more than a little confused by this post..what exactly does it tell everyone about "womens nature"? Every human wants what they can't have..but I dont understand how thats in context to this post... Sincerely, A little bewildered
  13. Illmatic- I totally agree with where you're coming from. This system can definitely be improved, and I think eventually we would have gotten there. Affirmative action allows companies to fill a certain quota and when they do, they are free to hire as many whites as they please. Forget that many more blacks may be qualified..all that matters is that they've filled the quote. I dont think this would have lasted long, but this is definitely a step back for the struggle.
  14. Aha damn rite stress is in my head. I can feel the throbbing pain pounding in my head as we speak.
  15. InoSENSE lool..tell me about it.