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  1. dat my friend was fall-outta-ur-seat funny...
  2. Leamante, aboowe unfortunately, in here, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But all i'm tryna say is if ya gonna make lists about pplz appearances, get a pic of a true nomad, not a reer-akhiraad from dhuuso-mareeb :eek: until den Ramadan Kariim
  3. Leamante...if ya lookin' like dat..i don't think u should be DA one to make (just had to let ya offense) Anywho, ironic that the same thing dat turns-off u guyz, turns us of too!... well, well wat do u know...this should be a perfect set-up for ma up-coming lecture on da "lack of communication" between somali sistas and the accompanyin' jug-headz (joke)...i mean...our irreplaceable men... until then, dudez take it ezzy on us cya
  4. Pain is nuttin' compared to luv cuz after pain comes the day after and after that comes a whole lotta laughter with ur friends, n' luv parner comes a day wit no signs of rain, no place for pain but wit luv u laugh harder throw away ur day, it don't matter shed a tear, grap ur partner lust & loss, u'll get smarter still cryin', u feel sadder like u wanna die, ur hearts shattered call ur friends up, spin_da_platter n' joke about da dayz, u used to be fatter cuz wit luv, it only gets better n' once again luv beats pain written by da One_N_ONLY Precious_Flame
  5. mine would all of the words above, crammed and squeezed together to describe.. the breath-takin' masterpiece that is I
  6. Precious_Flame


    ey girlz..seems to me theze comments are all from life