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  1. Originally posted by ThePoint: Originally posted by besbaaso: [qb] Next - you will tell me Sadaam Hussien is a cuddly do-gooder who has been maligned. Next people will be saying Hilter was swell. Siad let genocide happen to his own people, yet somalis still defend him? Why do people keep saying stop bad mouthing the Siad? The guy deserves to be discussed. Whether it's good or bad.. Was he not part of history?. It does us good to talk about the history, so somalis don’t repeat it again Anyways. Continue..............
  2. ^hell yeah Go FlipPin Flames GOGo PUCCA> Where you at?baby Holler
  3. Is there anything really so bizarre in a lady wearing macawiis, 'cos she likes the colours and comfort... and isn't afraid of doing things out of the norm to please herself... ??? >>>I see nothing wrong in wearing. To me it looks like a skirt. But does it mean i would wear one ?probably not. Do any other women here own one? >>> Not me. Would you admit to it in public if you did? >>> If i did enjoy wearing i see no reason why i wouldn't admit to the ones around me.
  4. I didn't enjoy watching that . It's possible the guy has a mental illness.
  5. bro . i just want let u know as well as the others have, that u not "talking in a dark room" and i'm reading along and learning from many of your posts. i do appreciate the time and effort that u put into your posts, so jazakallahu khairan again bro asalam.
  6. I also would prefer all, but if I must pick three then 2, 3 and 8. Thank you Nur. Asalam