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  1. I guess Somali French English Currently re-introducing myself to Spanish and befriending Arabs to increase my limited Arabic voc.
  2. Arawella


    Masha’A, I also2nd Nur that was a good read walaal. About the stem cell research, what is the long-term benefit if not to be another misused tool by feminist.
  3. Lads, I think there is more at stake here hence spare us your pickering or animosity of each others clan!
  4. Sounds a great idea, I think I'll drop in with the family.
  5. LOL. I think members should stop criticising Devilangle, she bravely disclosed and shared her concerns with us and as return we should assist her in finding feasible solutions. I am deducing that the main issue does not necessarily lay with his features but more with his character. I, personally think that she should communicate verbally her aversion of him directly to him and if he still continues hounding then she should complain to HR and have him done for harassment.
  6. Me, judging from your comments you portray yourself to be a weak individual who has a fear of commitment. Honestly, no intelligent, wise and independent lady would tie herself to such a character. No wonder you have a tendency to attract the sort of girl you’ve described.
  7. Arawella

    I feel HOMESICK

    About time, 10 years is definitely a long time. You are quite right there is absolutely nothing more blissful then been among people you love and who reciprocate that feeling. I wish you a wonderful time and come back with lots of stories to tell us!
  8. Zulzela LOL. You are quiet correct, there is absolutely nothing amiss with been SINGLE or MARRIED. Au contraire, there are happy marriages and I know of few, it just all depends on how determined the couples are to ride through the storm. It is absolutely true that one has to be truly certain and in the correct frame of mind when deciding to enter matrimony, as the saying goes ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’. Nonetheless one should not dismiss a potential partner if one should wonder across.
  9. Guhaad, please translate your telephone conversation. Honestly it has nothing to do with laziness but the wording is mighty confusing. Gracias
  10. First thanks to each of you for your advice however conflicting. On a note, I am actually astonished to agree with Laziegirl! I am abashed to share personal information but walaal the need for anonymous advice plucked my courage to disclose such information, which under normal circumstances wouldn’t have been shared. Albeit what you might think, I am attuned with world affairs and I’m for alleviating the suffering of a fellow human. Nonetheless, surely titbit of my concerns should be directed to my personal affairs? Dabshid, the majority does not necessarily lead to the right path nor does one always choose to follow the herd! To the topic, most of you advices not to date and when ready to settle marry the guy. I find that confusing, first shouldn’t I be au-feu with his true character if so how am I to achieve that without going a date? How does one bring the opposite sex to their house without implying marriage? I am expected to view every guy that I like as potential partner insight arrange rendez-vous at my parents? How is a girl to extract information about someone she likes without raising few eyebrows?
  11. Walaal, the idea was to get sound advice not to cause offence hence please get off your high horses. I’ve seeked married members advice for the simple fact that they managed to sift through the genuine and the sinister ‘Charlie’. However if you are single and deem your advice worthy please share otherwise head for the door. I have thought of marriage but walaal I am not so desperate to hitch with any Dick or Tom hence taking inaan to meet my parents or family would suggest that matrimony is on the menu. Checkmate, suffice to say that this particular boy est plus agé que moi!
  12. Dear friends Are there ways or signs to tell between a Casanova and a decent honest individual with no ulterior motives? I suppose you can say that I am faced with a dilemma hence for the question. I have met a boy whom I like and envisage forming a concrete relationship. However, I am confused on the method of establishing that exact relationship without compromising my religion and loosing my dignity. Am I to go for a date with him where there is the risk of holding hands, kissing and all other sorts of temptations? Adhering to the conventional methods of courtship such as meeting at my parents’ house or in the presence of others is simply out of the question since I am not ready for marriage nor inclined to be gossiped about by the local mongers. So what then, my heart says go with the flow and my head is screaming caution?!
  13. Definitely guuntino. I have seen brides wearing them with all the traditional stuff and it looks amazingly beautiful definitely surpasses the norm white wedding dress. Bizarrely, I have yet to find a Somali shop selling one near my end!
  14. I am betting on Portugal as likely winner this timeround.