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  1. malaika,plenty of good somalie guys out there. u will meet ur prince charming lol
  2. jeez i never new bout dis but i suppose its important dat a couple r compatible in every way ie long as us girls can peep 2.
  3. ideal guy,someone who knows who he is and where he is going in life,someone fun.
  4. women and politics????? will somalie women play a ever play a big role in their countries politics or will it always be a mans world.
  5. can love between say a somalie girl and a non somalie really work.
  6. socialism will never work. capitalism is here to stay 4 sure.
  7. why is it sisters out their,try to change men. this brings nothing but problems.
  8. love well 2 me,its when ur partner accepts u 4 u,doesnt try to change and likes ur good points and puts up wid ur bad point.
  9. asiya

    whats sexy

    confidence is sexy,someone who knows who they are,an enlightened soul. someone wid a good heart and has a refined mind. brad pitt is sexyyyyyyyyyy. :cool:
  10. asiya


    america does **** all unless its in da interest of big business and american riches. the recent war on iraq is bushs atempts to cover up economic slow down that would have happen 4 sure regardless of 9/11 ask any economist it been comin 4 years. anyway dat redneck should quit,he is so god damn conservative,pro gun,pro death penalty.