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  1. duke what do u think of AYs views abt kismayo admin.
  2. this is my last post. Abu mansur is fine alxamdulilah.
  3. duke what do u think of the new kismayo administration, i didnt hear of jabiso but i heard alshabaab and ICU.
  4. walaal shiikh shariif will be a part of the Islamic Emirate of Somalia insha'Allah
  5. im male but it doesnt matter, u are still my brother. walaal if my brother had a girlfriend he would feel my hand. xaraaaaaam caleyk
  6. hahaha i know the differnce but u come with stu pid questions.
  7. i leave it walaal. walaal if u want to control others control urself and control ur brother who r dating girls. because if dating someone the third is shaytaan.
  8. i dont know whats the difference afro. u are my sister and i dont want u to defend clans
  9. DQ u r my brother why i caaye? ramaaan waaye. do u want to see his biography??
  10. i dont have any!! there r many good scholars. shaykh OBL is very good.
  11. i live in warshiikh in middle shabele. why r u asking those questions above? r u interested in a guy, afro u can do better,avoid that guy.
  12. 1991 walaal he wasnt famous. walaal he is a shiikh and he has more knowledge abt islam than u. 1995 he was fighting ethios when somalis were fighting civil war.
  13. no afro i wouldnt even be her Bf or her friend. it seems that u have been influenced by westerners.
  14. duke they r ready for this. they have prepared for this. they have got new weapons.
  15. true but did u answer the 2nd question?? afro i hope u changed ur avatar?
  16. since when did u hate alshabab? 2007 or 2008?? dont say 2006 because then u hated them because of the peace they came with. Abu mansur(xafidahullah) is great!!
  17. DQ nur cade said maxamed dheere killed those women. and walaal that man who was shot were responsible for countless deaths of somalis.
  18. walaal, the child soldiers r only watching zina on their mobiles.
  19. DQ who do u support walaal? any goups in somalia??
  20. DQ u support the warlord govt tfg?? what have the reer california learnt u in school?? walaal shabaab doesnt rape, like ur ethio friends. walaal u know what they did in 2006, and then the kuffar came to baidoa. ask ur adeer why he let the kuffars to come to somalia.
  21. kalahari?? maybe in south africa and namibia dont know. but why not answer my questions above??
  22. how do u know if i had a Gf or not? do u live in canada??