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    Ramadan Kareem to everyone.
  2. Br. Xiin, This event has made my faith more stronger. Because victory is not always defined on the basis of our own desire, that is, defeating those transgrasser Ethiopia)who occupied our land. On the contrary, we are winners because our hearts are with those who fought a just war in order to defend their diin and country. May Allah give thawab our Muslim brothers and sisters for sacrificing their life and wealth for His sake.
  3. ^^ Waa magacyo aad iyo aad ufiican, waxay utaagan yihiin new era (apart from being derived from dagaaladi ay islaamka lagaleen gaaladii). waan kareysaney Mudane Suudi, Mudane Qanyare, Jaalle iwm.Ma waxaa rabtey in la isugu yeero, Jaalle, Mudana , Capo di Capo.
  4. Originally posted by Kamalu Diin: Bakar how old are you? Where did you born? Did you participate M...ry....n uprising? What is your acheivements? and hopes and dreams? Have been raised with xalaan or xaaraan? Have you even seen clean people? Jawaab: 1- Old enough to be like your father. Hence address me Adeer! 2- Boondher, Xamar 3- Going back to Xamar and take the title Abuu (Abuu Bakar)and become gudoomiyaha boondheere is my dream 4- Xalaal 5- Yes, the person that is sitting next to me doesn’t have a bad smell, so I guess he/she is clean.
  5. Originally posted by Ahmed_Guree: ^^^^ Horn so you still believe that Meles is going to arm Hiraale from Gedo or some ethiopian forces will 'liberate' for you guys Kismayu. Did you mean to say occupy Kismay once again? It could be that you didn't want to use the word "liberate", but it somehow came out wrong right?
  6. Originally posted by Kamalu Diin: .... ha u maleenin in ay meeshaas cayaartii ku dhamaatay walaakiis. cayaari waa galinka danbe KD, cayaaraha gobolada maad umalaysay in meesha lagu haayo? Widaay cayaar mar hori dhamaati! Sheekada waa fad ama hafadin, waa lagu fadsiina. Abaaba, bring your surfboard, or get smashed into to the rocks of geel laq. If you are from Xamar and used to swim, you would know geel laq and mool dooro.
  7. ^^ Are you implaying that the majority of people in Muqdisho consume this nacotic substance (qaad), that ICU will loose popularity and suppor if they erdicate qaad? Uni wal aragni, cajiib.
  8. Originally posted by Paragon: ^^^ Allaa yacizak, my brother. You have spoken of the truth. The alliance with such characters like C/Qaydiid only reflects badly on Puntland leaders. It brings out their true colours of corruption and political expediency whenever they feel threatened in the ways. It is because of this that I have objected to them in everything they brought to the fore for the last year or so. We should make way for change, a good change in the form of the UIC. The question is: will Il generale concede what we have been witnessing the past few months transcends the fabricated stories about ICU? This movement in PL solidifies the inevitable and long-awaited change spearheaded by wadaado
  9. Originally posted by Lieutenant-General Sakhar: Puntland will not be crushed, because its people are united as never before! We're determined to seek this through and inshallaah victory will be ours because we will stay Who is the enenmy? These people are from Puntland and they have the right to seek different alternative.
  10. Originally posted by king_450: Peace of advice build your own terroteries and then do whatever you want to do your likes. We have been seperated by the your wrongs and we will never want see anyone the likes of yours. They are in the process of completing the mission. Their next assingment has just started, and I hope they will succeed in this commending mission in effort to bring justice in PL.
  11. Rudy, In contrast, the bold heads are the warlords who had terrorized the people, destroyed schools, remained an obstacle to peace and security of the country. Finally, those bold heads (warlords)were chased out of the country except few who are sheltered by their tribes in spite of their wrong doings.
  12. Originally posted by Jimcaale: “Bakar, Bakar baabuurka iijooji……….”, dhameeystir hee macalinka. Saxiibkey Horn baad donaysaa iney sonkorta ku kacdo. Horn, sxb, Baardhere wali laga ma bixin, marka wax truce layirahdo ma jirto.
  13. Why do you have to endorse Barre Hiiraale? Horey baa waxa loo yiri, "Fartii Bukta iyo Meesheda is Og". Halkas baan uga haray.
  14. Il Generale "You know such a request without the clan courts disarming would not work. You know such a request without the clan courts disarming would not work. Thus first put the wepons down, return the airport and ports and then the TFG will return with its security forces to Mogadishu" Humour is good for the soul from time to time, but never appeals to human intellect. Come and let me [Xasan Dahir] protect you is something the President declined to Then according to your last post, I gather Mr. Yusuf would have rather trust Ethiopia than his fellow Somalis,though ICU have been successful restoring peace and security in the capital city of Somalia, Muqdisho. A question to you, why the suden change of heart from the clan courts, what happened to the Jihad againts the TFG? My stance on this matter has not changed. This is where you and I differ: It is not my nature to vilify people simply because they hail from different qabiil, and I never post fabricated reports from PL website on this thread. I have a full respect for the old man as human being; but I am absolutely opposed to his political ambition.