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  1. Originally posted by Oodweyne: Please, ignore this kid name DQ . For some are by nature a “confused lot” when it comes to politics (such the likes of our Dukey ); but, others, are by legal inclination of the matrimony sort, the sordid product of a “dark-alley lustful encounters” in the dead-of-night between two complete strangers. Hence, since their unforgiving dysfunctional background could account for much that is wrong with them, then, it would be the case, that their social outlook in general, or come to think of it, their manners within society-at-large , will be no more refine than what some sad connoisseur of a seedy chat-room could be equal to; if only that is, were he to try to impress his interlocutors at the other end of the line with his “two-a-penny-vulgarity” .... Oodweyn, sir, ceyda maad joojisid? Honestly; your posts, lately, are quickly becoming the source of all sorts of rudeness, silliness, ignorance, mediocrity, and imbecility. You've trully become, the ONLY secessionist, wholly without an iota of redemptive social grace or value. Mr. Oodweyn, sir, your most recent attempt to disrespect my patrimony is incredibly pathetic, to say the least. I mean, what's the point of typing up such monolithic hunks of textual-filth, when you know that it will take more than such rubbish to offend me. Saaxiib, even though, you wish to give others the impression that that you're a man in his heyday--waan ogahay oday aad iyo aad u da' weyn inaad tahay oo aan isku xishoon, and this my friend, is an indisputable fact from the language you use on these here threads--"You are an old bore. Even the grave yawns for you". Oday ilkihii wey ka dhaceen; timihiina wey kaa carareen; dhiig-karnah waad qabtaa; and no matter how much saliid macsaro, you rub onto that decaying corpse of yours, your biological clock gallops ever closer to mortality's midnight. So, go ahead and chat shit all you want. It won't grant you immortality, or even delay the inevitable. You are a bitter old man, and old people die. Those are the bare facts, and in a few years from now, an unfortunate undertaker will try to manhandle your desiccated body into a cheap piece of cloth, making you look like some sort of a special effect from The Mummy Returns movie. You have long since ceased to be of use to anyone, being too old and frail to perform any worthwhile function. You're in what some refer to as "wakh-tigii toobad keenka"-- that terrible dim twilight between youth and death. This interval in your pathetic life has been granted to you, as it is granted to everyone who makes it this far, to repent to Allah(SWT), to fulfil any unfulfilled wishes, any unrealised dreams, before your last breath leaves you and you are thrown into a hole bought for you by long-suffering relatives somewhere in Europe. This is a time to spend with your nearest and dearest before you are parted by Malakul-Mowd, a time to reflect on your life, action by single action, and to say good bye to those around you. This is the time for Alla ka cabsi-- a time to ask for forgiveness, and make ready for the sure judgement that will come. And what are you doing with your time instead, Oodweyn? Salaatul-layl prayers? Sleep-overs at the local mosque? Recitation of the Holy Qu'ran? Spending time with the grandkids? No, of course not. You are drivelling aimlessly all over the these threads with a bunch of younger people who think you are a low blackguard. That's the long and short of it saaxiib. Rather than make the most of your precious time, here you are, staggering around this forum like a head trauma victim, screeching at anyone who can be bothered to read your balderdash, that you're really, really good at posting on threads. Well I gotta a bloody newsflash for you-- o ye goatish old ghoulish troglodyte-- you're not. Runta aan isku sheegno, Mr. Oodwyen; You are perilously disconnected from reality if you really think you’re going to impress anyone with your senile dementia induced, textual walls of faggotry...which brings me to another point, namely your calaacal, about the Riyaale picture. Don't whine at me. Riyaale, cid iga xigta ma laha. It is trully sad to see, that you have so much emotional investment in this secesionist crap, that every off-hand comment tossed at Daahir Riyaale or suggestion made about Somaliland or even secesionism in general, becomes a personal slur to you. Every post directed at one of your co-hearts translates itself, in your broken senile head, to be an insult upon your very progenitors which MUST BE AVENGED, huh? You're an emotionally fragile relic, prone to alternate bursts of elation and crushing dysphoria everytime your clan enclave is put on the spotlight. It aint my fault that anytime someone suggests that your clan enclaves's political ideaology is doomed to fail--your puny mind overheats, causing you to whip up a retaliatory novella right out of your bloody keister, still steaming from the heat of your insalubrious innards. You and your minions keep pleading with people to stop posting pictures of Riyaale, yet it's all dandy and fine, when contemptuous photos of Cabdulahi Yusuf are posted. And, you don't see us protesting, do you? You also seem NOT to have grasped the fact that this is a politics forum, where people are entitled to their opinions. That's something you have in common with quite a few other SOLers in here who don't seem to understand that this whole place is driven by this simple concept- IN POLITICS, TO EACH HIS OWN! Marka, Oodweyne, please try to make your posts as succinct as possible and avoid disrespecting people for their opinions. Please stop your tedious, narcolepsy-inducing piles of babbling crap that lack imagination and creativity. Just STOP spluttering about how you are the best and that Somalilanders are the best and every other Somali is shit, ad infinitum! It seems, you have no real talent for any sort of constructive debate. And Saaxiib-- nagging and calaacal don't mean debate: Sure, you can nag like an old hag. All old people do nag-- that's like their primary purpose. They think they know it all, and believe they have a right to lecture to others, or just talk down to people for the heck of it. But don't think I'll allow you to disrespect ME, without bloodying your nose in return. In conclusion, like I said in the beginning, you should be spending your last few months enjoying what is left of your life by repenting to Allah(SWT), instead of lying broken at my feet, like an obnoxious imbecile, begging me to put an end to your misery. Please do the decent thing for once in your utterly pointless life and evolve into a coherent and God-fearing person! In the mean time, get a life and step away from that key board-- you secessionist grave sniffer. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California p.s NGONGE, Are you sure you're a secessionist? If you are...I will have you know that your intelligence is very surprising to me. Kudos to you, for picking up my intentions for posting that Riyaale picture.
  2. ^^^Shiiish Duke! Don't tell them she has or had anything to do with the TFG. Ma waxaad rabtaa-- hoos-hoos--inay islaanta ka habaaraan? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  3. ^^^ha ha ha...As ever, el Generale--Keep mopping those wreched naysayers on the floor! Didn't I say to you, we'll have the last laugh? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  4. ^^^Calaacalka yareeya...And dont make it sound like I've potrayed a saint in a wrong manner! Riyale aint no saint! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  5. ^^^You're wrong. Patriots of mother Somalia are many and reside in all the corners of the nation. From Saylac to Ras Kambooni. Don't get blind sided by the political polarizations of our society. A great majority of Somalis are folks who love and care for Somalia and all its peoples regardless of where they are. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  6. ^^^Naxar, RedSea kuwaan kale oo daaqa aad buu u dhaamaa. Asagu nin muslim ah weeye-- inkastoo si khalad ah uu Al Shabab u raacsanyahay-- oo laakin ku dhex lumay marfish 20 sano darishadaha loo furin... Anigu waxaan aaminsanahay, Red, like all patriotic Somalis(which to some extent in this issue includes the deviant Al Shabab) stands firmly for a united Somalia. So RedSea--Keep the good job up,bro! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  7. Ha ha...tush iyo lagama noqdaan! It's too late now--so you just gonna have to accept the 'welcome' saaxiib, adoo lagugu baryin. As for marfash-land doing so "well". Methinks not amigo. It's getting close to 20 years now and yet no recognition insight, regardless of all the sordid beauty pageants Mr Riyaale wins. Al Shabab baa soo hartay--Horta kuwaasi dhan Ilaah baa laga heestaa, waayo munaafiqnimadoodi haday wax ku qaadayaan waa hore ayee Xamar qabsan lahaayeen, especially with all the infighting that has crippled the TFG lately. How come warkoodi lama hayo these days, especially during this latest tussle within the TFG, huh? Marka just take a deep breath, and DONT allow your delusions of misplaced grandeur to take over your critical thinking abilities(if you have any, in the first place!). dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  8. ^^^Abaayo ma ogid miyaa, odaygaan nimankaan jaadhka daaqa u taliya inuu naag ka yahay siyaasada soomaaliyeed. And that's why, in my opinion, he seems like a little vulnerable Ashley. And where am at, Ashleys and Stacys don't get by that easily.....rrrrrrrrrrh dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  9. Originally posted by Allamagan: DulQ, jawaabta waa iska cadahay sxb quote: Horta Somalia ma international community baa iska leh? WAA MAYA! marka shuqul arimaha Somaaliya kuma laha daka aad leedahay "international community". sxb, in alla inta international community ku biisho, mushaarkaada bixiso, amnigaada sugeyso (amisom incl Melez' boys) shuqul ayeey kugu leeyihiin waa in aad dhageysataa warkooda. Waagii adeero aduunka soo marayey oo meeshuu tagaba RED CARPET loo fidin jiray waxaad ku hayseen TFG-da international community-ga ayaa la safan, marka ogolow maantana haddii aay PM la safteen. Secondly, markaad tiri "shacabka somaliyeed taageero kama heysto"...shacabkaad sheygaysid kuwee weeye? Ma Somaliland miyaa? Ma Puntland miyaa? Ma Mo'oryaan gardheerta iyo munaafiqiinta Al Shabab miyaa? Ma Biliqo&CO miyaa? iisheeg shacabka aad sheegaysid? Shacabka soomaliyeed waad ogtahay intuu kukala firirsan yahay min ras caseyr ilaa ras kamboni min soomali galbeed ilaa bari Hobyo weeye dadkaan ka hadlayo oo uu kasban waayey kalsoonidooda iyo taageeradooda oo dhagaha fur ka gashtay amxaarana usoo kaxaystay. Bal fiiri raggii uu soo kaxaystay weeye ragga beri dili doona ama soo qaban doona. Aduunow ba' Isku soo duuduboo markii laga tago xoggaaga caadifadda qabiiliga ah (o iska natural ah waqtiganoo kale ), xatta adeero taageero xoogan kuma dhex haysto tolka dhexdiisa oo wax kale iska dhaafee dadkii uu watay ee mutacalimiin ahaa oo dhiiqada ka saari lahaa iskuna reerka ahaayen ayaa odaygan madax adeygiisa iyo waji kaakinimadiisa inta ka yaabeen oo uu talana ka maqli waayey ayey isaga wada hulaaleen qaar uu rag ku dalbado iyo miduu cayriyo iyo miduu dilo ka dhigay. Taas wax qarsoon ma ahan qof walba waa ogyahay markaa odeyga wax xoggaa caanaboore ah inta u dirtid iska seexo dheh inta anan intern. Cumm.-gu seexin. To Allamagan: Horta been iyo cantrabaqash inaad iibinaysid waxaa marag ka ah, markii Cabdulahi uu aaday caleema saarkii Boqorka beesha balaaran, sida ey usoo dhaweeyeen yar iyo weyn oo meel walba lagu soo masawiray aduunka. Taasna waxaad ka garan kartaa--hadaadan iska indha tireyn-- ixtiraamka iyo kalsoonida ey ku qabaan shacabka Soomaaliyeed Halyey Cabdulahi Yuusuf Yey. Marka ninyahow runtu wey cadahay ee haku qaraarin Cabdulahi-- nin maanta shacabka soomaliyeed uga taageero wanaagsan majiro ee. Tan kale aad international community-ga naf ka raadinaysidnah... marna aad ka cabaadaysid, Cabdulahi bey la shaqeenayaan, marna ey la dirirsanyihiin oo aad ku farxaysid...adigu un baa lagaa hayaa-- Marka, make up your damn mind... alif wax buu leeyahay iyo wax maleh kuuma soconaysee. Maanta ku adkayso Cabdulahi wey kasoo horjeedaan-- beri yaa lagu arkin adoo dhahaya Cabdulahi bey naga raaceen oo afka qeelo haku shubanin! Saaxiib, xaqiiqdu waxay tahay-- International community-ga Cabdulahi kama maarmaan oo hadii ee runtii, sidaad rabtid, ey isku taagaan- wey ogyihiin nin aan asaga aheyn oo maanta xaalada soomaliya ey kujirto wax ka qaban karo inuusan jirin. Wey ogyihiin Mo'oryaan gardheeta ninkaan Nuur Cade uu dabada kuwato dantooda iyo tan somaaliyaba inaysan ku jirin. Waxaa soo hartay, tan aad tiri international community ayaa lacag siiyey odayga...Cabdulahi lacagaha uu helay waa lacago soomaliya danteeda lagu qabtay oo ma aha lacag laaluush lagu cunay sida Nuur Cade iyo Geedi ey ukala xadeyaan. Taasinu waxay kamid ahayeen arimaha ugu waaweyn oo labadaba loo ceeriyey. Aakhirtaan waxaa soo haray-- ninkaan keenyaatiga ah oo ku dhawaaqay wax buu cunaqabateenayaa oo adiguna aad mooday inuu Ilaahay yahay oo Cabdulahi meel u diiday... Runti anigu, nin xuna oo jareer ah oo 100 000 dollar Mo'oryaan gardheertu iyo Nuur Cade ku laaluusheen wuxuu ka hadlay anigu dhag u dhigimaayo. Cabdulahi-- Nairobi tegideeda iyo joogitaankeedaba-- nin ubaahan ma aha. Kuwa maalin walba hoteelada Nairobi laga eryo oo deemaha laguleeyahay bixin waayey ayaa ubaahan joogitaanka Nairobi- ee Cabdulahi, Somalia iyo meelkaasta uu tago gacmo furan iyo kalsooni baa lagu soo dhaweenayaa. In conclusion Mr Allamagan, before you post next attack on my senses, please seek treatment for the political dyslexia that you're clearly suffering from and next time, lasoo shir tag wax kabadan Cabdulahi waa nebcahay... Capice! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California p.s Allamagan Magacaaga waxaa ku haboon inaad ka dhigtid Kenya-Magan
  10. ^^^oo adigu baryahaan xagee kumaqneyd? Show, qaraxyadii Al Shabab iyo go'itaankii marfash-land markay is waafiqi waayeen ayaad wareertay miyaa? Basically Red, welcome back- I missed your casual pablum! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  11. ^^^ Horta daawo inaad u baahantahay waad qiratay soo ma'aha? LOL...Awalba anaa waalnaa, maxaa igu watay nin jiran inaan afka la'aado. Also, meeshaan sidii haweenkii dad aan ku jirin thread-kaan haka daba dhareerin. Duke hadaad rabtid wax inaad ka sheegtid, asagoo jooga si toos ah u abaar dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  12. ^^^ Caana booraha hadii mucaraadnimada raqiiska ah aad wadid lagu daaween karo, indhaha ayaan kaaga seerin lahaa. Mise soortii aad cuni jirtay oo kale ayaan kuugu dubaa. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  13. ^^^No. It only soothes your hate-filled ego, but sadly, to no avail. Jendayi Frazer never said such a thing--unless ofcourse you want to use the cheap propaganda of Yusuf Garaad to buttress your dreams of the break up of the TFG. Saaxiib, keep dreaming! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  14. Originally posted by Abu_Diaby: p.s DQ, cano bore tablets not taken again? LOL saaxiib, maxaa ka aqaanaa. Everytime I look at a white chick's picture, I see Mr Riyale. Show odayga apetite baan u qabaa baryahaan...lol Viva Republic Of Somaliland in la-la land ! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  15. Originally posted by Allamagan: ^ yes, sidan dan inooguma aay jirto balse dad Cabdullaahi uu ku taxaluqo miyaa meel gaaraya. Ninkan maba yaqaan tanaasul in asaga looga haro mooye ka har ma yaqaan tan labaad wax support ah kuma haysto guud ahaan shacabka somaliyeed international community-gana haday kala baxeen marka asagoo intaas oo dhan eegaya waxaa fiicnayd in uu inta fakiro talada fiican dadka ka qaata. aragnee ^^^Horta marka aad dhahaysid,"wax support ah kuma haysto guud ahaan shacabka somaliyeed international community". Horta Somalia ma international community baa iska leh? WAA MAYA! marka shuqul arimaha Somaaliya kuma laha dadka aad leedahay "international community". Secondly, markaad tiri "shacabka somaliyeed taageero kama heysto"...shacabkaad sheygaysid kuwee weeye? Ma Somaliland miyaa? Ma Puntland miyaa? Ma Mo'oryaan gardheerta iyo munaafiqiinta Al Shabab miyaa? Ma Biliqo&CO miyaa? iisheeg shacabka aad sheegaysid? Anigu waxaan kuleeyahay hadaad runta aadan iska indha tireen, maanta Cabdulahi shacabka Soomaaliyeed nin uga taageero badan inuusan jirin. Marka adaa yaqaana waxaad isla giigiijinaysidee, orod oo sheekooyinkaan aan runta ku saleesnayn meesha kala tag. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  16. ^^^ LOL...inta dad wada somaaliland sheegta soo qafaashataan ayaa leedahay, someone was crossing into the putrid waters of the northern clan enclave...Saaxiib ma ogid miyaa, marqaanku markuu kaa bato dad reer somaliland ah ayaa barbarian kuula ekaanayah...lol isi soo wada xira...the magic number is 5000 individuals and recognition is yours. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  17. Originally posted by Abwaan: Tolow Duke, Xuub-sireed, DQ, Emperor iyo Qoor Kenya, Ethiopia iyo Jabuuti ma aadi karaan? ha ha ha...saaxiib hadaba ayaan naag kikuyu ah oo san weyn leh, hotel isleigh ku yaala ku dhex musbaarayaa But all jokes aside... War nimanyahow horta--iskuma xishootaan miyaa? Bal Ilahay baan idinku dhaarshayee, fiiriya meelaha mucaaradnimadiinu naf ka raadineyso. Kulahaa Kenya ayaa wax cunaqabataynaysa...LOL... ha ha ha, wagarr ma maqli jirteen? dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  18. Somaliland, aqoonsi intey raadinayaan ayee ummadii walaalohood ahayeen oo dhan bey xabis been ah ka wada xaadiriyeen. Waxaan maqlay, wasaarada arrimaha dibada ee dalka mareykanka ayaa tiri, hadii Somaliland soo xirto ilaa shan kun oo dadkooda ah, aqoonsi waa la siinayaa. Marka JB, dadaala saaxiibyaal. In fact, hadaad rabtaan burcad badeedka Puntland ku darsada--kuwaasaa u baahan ina madaxa laga garaaco oo la wada xiro ee. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic of California
  19. Duke, uurku baale ma aha...how the hell on earth was he to know this Nuur Cade guy was going to turn into the shittiest prime minister the TFG has ever had? Weligiinba soo qodqoda ancient threads--Nuur Cade is history. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  20. Originally posted by AfricaOwn: Why would you be united with "an unsocial, troglodytic and jealous clan"? It makes zero sense..How silly can one be? Qalbi-Adeyg at least is coming from somewhere. ha ha ha saaxiib, only through unity and love will we collectively cure our northern brethren from their unsocial, troglodytic and jealousy prone predilections. see here, accept my heartfelt HUG, brother AO... dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California p.s AfricaOwn why don't you tell us whether you know the difference between the people of SSC and your seccesionist enclave? O maybe, you're hoping your older seccesionists will help you answer that for you. What am I thinking to ask you such a question-- I know you're a seccesionist baby and probably don't have the slightest clue...LOL
  21. Originally posted by J.a.c.a.y.l.b.a.r.o: I only know the Bosaso/Garowe/Galkayo triangle ,,,, maxaad ka hadlaysaa ?? ,, ha ha ha...what you been chewing on man??? Horta ma ogatahay geed walba oo cagaar ah inuuna ahayn jaadh, ee is ilaali intaada daaqin geed dacar ah oo aada sumoon. As for Puntland being a triangle, I believe you must have NOT studied geometry in your youth. If anything, Puntland should be referred to as the Badhan-Bosaso-Buuhoodle-Las Anod-Laasqorey-Garowe-Qardho-Gaalkacyo-Galdogob-Bo ocame DECAGON. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California p.s pssst JB: In geometry, a decagon is simply any polygon with ten sides
  22. Originally posted by Qalbi-Adeyg: sax! A central somali somali government that every clan will agree with does not seem plausible or practical, so this is the next best thing. To Qalbi-Adeyg: Walaale, I'm of the belief that the prosperity of the people of Puntland depends on the strength and unity of Mother Somalia. I know you are frustrated by the politics of our nation and perchance, erroneously believe, that instead of looking for safety and properity in a federally united Somalia, we ought to break away and become a sovereign entity. However sensible this idea may appear to you, it is nevertheless flawed IMHO to break up Somalia into clan based enclaves. Regardless of our clan differences, the Somali people are descended from the same ancestors, speak the same language, profess the same religion, are very similar in their manners and customs, and ought to stay united forever. I believe our common identity should prevent Puntland from splitting away, lest we turn into an unsocial, troglodytic and jealous clan enclave like the khat-land triangle of burco, berbera and hargeisa. For better or for worse-- ONE SOMALIA, ONE NATION! dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  23. ^^^first of all, do you know the difference between the people of SSC and the burco/berbera/hargeisa triangle?
  24. ^^^emotions ku maxay yihiin, ma naago caada qabo miyaa? Usheeg meeshaan siyaasad baa la ciyaarayaa ee beer jileec looma baahna. Only the better politican will come out of this mess in Baidoa. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California
  25. ^^^Horta waxaan meesha yaacaya oo cimaamadaha kala jeeda wada qaba oo Al Shabab taageersan, maxaa ka galay odayashaan Baidoa ku lagdamayah...waa cajaa'ib walahi. dhulQarnayn :cool: Republic Of California