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  1. lool you guys are cracking me up dameerkaa la ee qaatay bisad(yaanyuur)sigaarya cab ah ama nin aan waligees qabaysan
  2. wow ya'll this is like hardball two pps cutting thier throat off!! cool kat sista you makin me quit this when you bring the roockie coze this goathurter is FOB(fresh of the boat) to forum and tryin to be in the growd.. here is my story i was in aol chat room and meet this good looking somali gurl who told me she is like 19 (but was 15)when i was 22 we exchange pictures but she send me somebody els's pic since we were in same town we make arrangement to meet at the mall it was raining 'n cloudy night so i sit at the corner of the store waiting for her to show up.. but guess who show up a lil (dhocil) wearing derac 'n unorganize make-up i ran into the store pretending somebody else shopping at the mall she come up to me and say are you ... i was like nah lol he just left and i walk out of the door on the other side of the store... my conclusion for those of ya who didnt see this yet is dont trust anybody unvisible on net users a 19 yrs could come out a grand mother. or grand father also so check the package b4 you purchase the product na'mean!!!!!!~.. luv y'all
  3. i rather know things without experience. Urban or rural(would you rather be nomad or developed person)
  4. looool you crackin me up wallahi lefty gabadhii maxay ugu jawatay mise way ka socotay.
  5. starlight i would do the same thing build stable political ground for somalis arest all war leaders and sentence them 40 yrs for each of them in prison.
  6. i think education is what you learn and knowledge is what you gain while you learning 'n they both kind same to me.